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Flip Top case
Sunday July 16, 2000 - 3:45 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Do you want a beltclip case that is perfectly suited for the office yet gives you access to everything you need to use your Visor?  Then look at the Vaja Visor Flip Top, a  case that allows one to be fashionable and still use a no-compromise carrying case.

The Flip Top was made for the Visor.  It comes in eight different styles of high-quality Argentinian leather that make the Visor look great.  A colored case is almost completely enveloped, showing color only around the hardware button area.  The Visor slides easily in and out of the case, as there are no snaps to deal with to keep the Visor inside.  The Flip Top's lid uses a snap to close; when open, the lid folds behind and out of the way.

Inside the case, there is an engraved note explaining the process of how the leather is chosen.  I was really impressed by this as it shows the amount of effort that went into producing this case.  You can also have a graffiti chart or your name engraved into the lid of the case, where there are also slots for cash and 3 credit cards.  The lid has a Vaja logo on the front and snaps closed.  Cutouts on the left and right sides of the case allow quick access to the Ir port and stylus.  The back of the case has a cutout so you can reset the Visor while it is still in the case, and the front has a plastic lining that covers the hardware buttons.  And to top it all off, the Flip Top comes inside an attractive leather bag that reminds me of the bag that Crown Royal comes in.


This case is everything that a Visor case should be: attractive and useful.  Although there is no HotSync cutout, theVisor is easily removed from the Flip Top when it is time to sync.  The leather keeps the Visor securely inside, yet lets you quickly remove it when necessary.  I really like how the Ir port and stylus holder are easily accessible, and having a cutout for the reset pin is a great idea, although at first the pin hole wasn't visible.  As the leather contours to the Visor, however,  it became easier to get to the pin hole.

The beltclip is one of the smallest ones I've seen.  It is a little tricky at first to press the small release button while pulling up on the Visor, but with some practice it gets easier to remove the Visor.  The beltclip swivels the Visor easily and it is a joy to wear.  And because the beltclip attaches to a metal knob, there's one less thing that can break on the case.

As I said earlier, the Flip Top uses a plastic covering over the hardware buttons, similar to the E&B Slipper.  This is a matter of personal taste as to whether you like this or not; it doesn't bother me, as the covering is soft and non-intrusive.

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Product Details
Name: Flip Top case
Company: Vaja
Size: 5-2/16" x 3-2/16" x 1"
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Ir in Case: Yes
HotSync in Case: No
Case Type: Leather
Held by: Strap
Price: $46.90

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