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User Opinions: SpeedLoader

StanwardGreat item for song transfers on MiniJam

Thumbs Up

The only problem that plagued the MiniJam was the slow download time when hotsyncing in the cradle. Now transferring songs with this SpeedLoader is a cinch! Quick and easy, and highly recommended. Though, I think the price is a bit too much, it is a great product and a must-have for MiniJam owners.

JHromadkaTesting the new user views

Thumbs Up

Testing the new user views...

anonymousA must have for fast Mp3 transfers

Thumbs Up

The set up is easy and the transfer rate is exactly what the advertisements state. I also use a USB hub and have no problems. I recommend it highly if you are someone who has various moods for music and speed is important.

PatrickSpeedLoader is Fast but Fragile

Thumbs Up

I admit the SpeedLoader gets my MP3s on my MMC very fast but the USB extension cord it plugs into is flimsy and not a great fit. The slightest brush against the loader causes the USB connection to be lost and Windows to complain about first stopping the device. It's a great product as long as you have a clean desk!

AnonymousLinux software

Thumbs Down

Linux/Unix software has been written to transfer songs over the USB cradle, and with a SanDisk ImageMate MMC reader/writer (SDDR-12), which you can buy at CompUSA or BestBuy for around $50. It still has some bugs, and I have no idea if the software will work with the speedloader. So please try it out if you have one! ;)

Anonymousextension cable is a fine thing

Thumbs Up

extension cable is a fine thing, however still no mac or unix support, well, at least I still have windoz loaded :)

JayEasy and convenient

Thumbs Up

The SpeedLoader makes it painless to change the music on my MMCs every day.

User Opinions

Thumbs Up  86% Thumbs Down 14%

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Product Details
Name: SpeedLoader
Company: Innogear
Size: 2.9" x 1.4" x 0.5"
Weight:  0.5 oz.
Desktop Software: Windows 98/2000
Price: $39.95

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Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

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