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User Opinions: STYLUS+ 4-way Multi-purpose pen

lshell1Update: Great customer support.

Thumbs Up

I've already given the 4-Way a positive review but just wanted to add an update on the great support I was given. I bought my 4-Way about 8 months ago and the mechanical pencil stopped functioning. I couldn't get it to reload. I contacted Stylus+ for support and they offered to send out a replacement pen. I told them I had no problems with the rest of the 4-Way and only had pencil problems so they were able to send out a replacement mechanical pencil tip. It's reassuring to know some companies still take customer satisfaction seriously. I can't say the same for AT&T @Home.

NathanBrazilDurable inexpensive pen-stylus combo

Thumbs Up

Great 4-way pen. For about 8 months, I have had the pen with highlighter version. I use it heavily. Still works smoothly in all modes.

tangramTHE pen I've been waiting for.

Thumbs Up

Works great and has all the functionality you could ask for.

RichardGood pen, but bad ink

Thumbs Down

I've had this pen for over a year, and even have had it replaced once with great customer service. I would love this pen if not for one fact - I use a black ink cartridge in it, and it is the worst quality ink I have ever used. Half of the time it has dried up and won't write or otherwise will stop writing halfway through a sentence. I've tried multipel black ink cartridges, all with the same result. I would highly recommend this pen if not for the fact that its main purpose (to write) is not carried out well. The blue ink cartridge seems to write better. If you don't need to use black ink with this pen, then go for it, but if you do, don't even consider it.

AnonymousToo expensive

Thumbs Down

The price is a bit too high

Stylus userLook good

Thumbs Up

Good looking

Heron235Washed mine, had to buy another!!

Thumbs Up

I bought my stylus+ several months ago and hadn't a bit of trouble with it, then it got put through the washing machine... This jammed it up somehow and I couldn't fix it, so I had to go order another. I love using it and people get a kick out of it when you write on paper with it and then write on the Visor screen with the same pen!!

lshellNever use anything else anymore.

Thumbs Up

This pen/stylus has been the best accessory I've bought since I got my Visor. The included stylus is too thin and causes my hand to cramp up with heavy use. The pen-sized, rubberized grip of the 4-Way is comfortable enough to use for extended writing. Also, the included stylus seems to be of a harder material which is scratching up my screen. The 4-Way stylus is bright orange (so easier to see) and seems to be of a softer material which glides over my Visor screen without any scratching. Finally, having the additional tips (black ink, red ink, and pencil on mine) only a click away means I don't have to carry any other writing utensil with me. I do a lot of sales calls and it's so nice to switch from note taking w/ the stylus tip to signing documents with the ink tip without having to fumble around. Do yourself a big favor and get one of these.

AnonymousExcellent pen

Thumbs Up

This pen is a joy to use. I have tried some others but this is the ONE. Good balance. It has enhanced my writing ability.

tedtropyI can also vouch for the STYLUS+ 3-way

Thumbs Up

Needing a new stylus apart from the scratch happy piece of plastic Handspring passes off as a stylus, I headed off to the various office stores in my area, primarily looking for Palm's pen/stylus offering. But after little luck finding one, I browsed the pen aisle to come across this little wonder. Remembering an overwhealmingly positive review on this board I hesistated (15 bucks for what seemed like a glorified pen), but upon taking it home, there wasn't a regreat in my mind. Finally, a stylus with some weight and without that lovely scratching sound Handspring's likes to make when flying across my digitizer. Thrown in a good pen, pencil, and decent enough eraser and one package and I am not the geekish envy of our ITS department. ;) I can imagine the 4-way version of this pen is only better.

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Product Details
Name: STYLUS+ 4-way Multi-purpose pen
Company: STYLUS+
Size: 5"x3/8"
Weight: 1.2 oz.
Refill: 0.5mm pencil, 83340 Red, 83343 Black, 83344 Blue
Fits Visor: No
Price: $19.99

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