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User Opinions: Grey MicroFiber Case

Doctor JLooks nice, but no protection

Thumbs Down

This case does look nice, and the clips hold the Visor well, but it offers no screen protection whatsoever. It wouldn't be a bad case for less rugged use, but not for the med student's white coat pocket. I got rid of mine and got a Ti Slider. If you're going to spend $40, you can do a lot better.

AnonymousSleek baby sleek!

Thumbs Up

It says what it does and does what it says. This is a no frills case that is perfect for someone like me who doesnt want to be weighed down with a huge wallet. I just put all my cars inside, load my Visor and I'm ready to go. Plus it looks great.

AnonymousGrey Case is lacking

Thumbs Down

The case just isn't very attractive on the inside. That plan grey just isn't right. The sides are exposed and well I think there could be a better overall product.

Craig DouglasA little bit to large

Thumbs Down

Did not find it that useful and much to large for what I was looking for.

parb33Grey MF Case: WOW!

Thumbs Up

This is one cool case! Despite a few detractors from its total image (Black "clips" don't look so hot with my BVDX, vertical CC slot doesn't allow me to keep a small pad in the cover), I have to say that it's the nicest case that I've ever seen. A HS student, I've been complimented on it by both my teachers and fellow students. I highly recommend it for all.

TakiNice leather!

Thumbs Up

I got my black microfiber case today. Quality of leather is really good. I like that now my Visor is easily accessible(just a snap away!). Photo on HS site looks wider than it actually is. My only complaint is that the inside pocket puts pressure & make temporary "oil slick" mark on the screen, but I can live with it.

JAKMicrofiber case is A-OK

Thumbs Up

I have the Black "Hip" microfiber case and it is A-OK in my book! Only wish it had a slit in the top for a small, thin notepad. Sometimes hand writen notes ARE needed!

User Opinions

Thumbs Up  57% Thumbs Down 43%

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Product Details
Name: Grey MicroFiber Case
Company: Handspring
Size: 5 1/8"x3"x1 1/8"
Weight: 2.6 oz.
Ir in Case: No
HotSync in Case: No
Case Type: Fabric/Leather
Held by: Snap-in
Price: $39.95

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