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User Opinions: DietLog

lacherclpI was WRONG!

Thumbs Up

Dietlog is fantastic - you just need to use it correctly. I have been using the dietlog/weight combination since late January (it's the end of March now) and have lost over 30 pounds! In previous attempts at using DietLog I failed - and the reason was I had the wrong idea about it. Yes, you use DietLog to record what you eat, and get a sense of what you're allowed to eat. But what I did wrong was I tried to enter each and every thing I ate, including exotic foods. Dietlog's db is comprehensive, but it doesn't know EVERYTHING - and some foods are just going to defy categorization or nutritional lookup. When you eat that special dish in a restauarant with the secret recipe, the best you can do is guesstimate what's in it. The right way to use Dietlog is to approximate MOST of what you eat, and learn lessons from it. I've learned about eating smaller portions, eating until I'm not hungry (instead of FULL), increasing my vegetable content, decreasing my fat content, and just overall knowing what common sense nutrition is all about. I am a converted naysayer - I LOVE Dietlog.

Anonymousno competition

Thumbs Up

Dietlog does what it says, which is pretty powerful, but until there is some competition for this product, it remains the best on the market.

AnonymousGreat app BUT

Thumbs Up

Used it for few days... the demo gives a GREAT feel for the app but the price was way too high.... takes a bit to get used to how the app works but once there can be a good tooll

fmarzakThat's too HIGH!

Thumbs Down

I'd like to try it, but at that price, I know I wouldn't buy it, even after the trial period.

CFDI found it a very effective tool for weight loss

Thumbs Up

DietLog provides a much more effective way to monitor calorie and other nutrient intake than paper, because you do not have to page through a table of information at mealtimes. Further, you can easily add foods, from nutrition labels or using the basic data at, the USDA's site. There are occasional errors in Dietlog's database. E.g., green peppers seem an awful lot more fattening than you'd expect -- until you discover (by cross-checking at the USDA site) that the DietLog folks accidentally enetered the energy content in JOULES instead of CALORIES for this particular food. Same problem NASA had with that Mars probe . . . .DietLog also gets sluggish when you are carrying too much data, and it can be buggy about deleting it. Eventually, you can get it to work, however. Overall, it functions very well. It's true that you can't always be perfectly accurate and must guess about meals you eat away from home, but the wide array of food entries in the database makes it easy to find something that is likely to be pretty close to the mark. Since you don't have exact numbers for your energy output anyway, aproximation is really quite sufficient. I lost over 30 lbs. and have kept it off for almost a year now, by keeping track with this gadget. Thus, well worth the investment, in my book.

AnonymousToo expensive! Guys drop it to $14.95

Thumbs Down

Seemed like a great application. But after using it in trails for a few days realized it's difficult to track what I usually eat. Created my own foods, but finally gave up due to the high cost of the appl. if I were to actually purchase/use it.

AnonymousI am fat

Thumbs Up

I am fat

MonteIt's good stuff

Thumbs Up

I was introduced to "Dietlog" at the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center. Awesome program - very flexible with the current, healthy diet plans out there. It helps you remain "honest" with your caloric intact. There's no surprise in weight loss or gain when you have your intake all recorded. I would recommend it as a TOOL to help control one's weight. The other tools would be 1) medical help 2) sensible and healthy diet 3) moderate and frequent exercise. It's a bit expensive, but well worthy it if you are concerned about weight issues.

Marcy FieldsGreat way to track nutrition

Thumbs Up

I've been using the free 15 day demo of the whole package- dietlog, exerlog, and weightlog for about 5 days now. I really like it. No, it doesn't have every food I might eat on it- but you can add foods such as these to the database. There are many calorie/fat guides out there, and many restaurants will supply nutritional info or at least the list of ingredients and you can add it! If you are planning on keeping track of your eating, exercise, and weight anyway- this is a much better way than on paper! I agree the two drawbacks are: there is no corresponding program on the PC to print your reports, etc... And the price is high for a palm application. But, I have not purchased any software on my visor (I've used all freeware) so I will probably dig into my pocket and purchase it. Actually tracking my food and exercise has had a big impact in the 5 days i've been doing it!

LacherclpIt's a great program, but....

Thumbs Down

The problem with the program is that it doesn't contain enough information about exotic foods (like sushi), and it's not easy to estimate the breakdown of unique foods. Let's say you go to a restaurant and order the "Steak VisorCentral" - without knowing the exact weight of the meat, and the method by which it was prepared, it's going to be difficult to do anything but guesstimate the contents. And at that point, why use the program? I have DietLog, WeightLog, and ExerciseLog on my visor, and I periodically try to use them - but after a few days I have to give up - because it's just difficult enough to track things accurately that it ends up being ineffective. If I ever do manage to do well with it, I'll let you know.

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