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User Opinions: JackBack Software

dsilverGreat piece of software!

Thumbs Up

Unattended backups for the Palm OS - set it and forget it. I bought it as an add-on for $10 when I picked up my FlashPlus. One of the best software deals I've ever had.

ProjectZeroI wished I bought it sooner...

Thumbs Up

...not that I had a disaster that required JackBack but after using it for a while, it's one of those "must-have" utilities, especially if you're not near a PC/Mac to sync on a regular basis and you have a Springboard with flash memory.

ronnielcI like it.

Thumbs Up

This is quick and easy. We are lucky to have it. I also use a back up module.

NurcombeCF flash plug-in available now

Thumbs Up

I bought JB yesterday from Handango (who have it available for $14.95, for a limited time) because of it's ability to back-up to compact flash. It takes a while for the first backup (30mins plus), but subsequant backups took 5mins. I too did a hard reset, and restore to test and everything worked hunkey-dorey. Highly recommended.

Bud PritchardBackup Fanatics Nirvana

Thumbs Up

You can never have too many backups. Especially if your data is important to you. This product will be my next purchase as soon as I get a Flash springboard. The scheduled backups are great!!!!!!!

gcorsonDo Not Pass This Up

Thumbs Up

This is far and away the best 20.00 I have spent on my Visor. I love the way it backs up the data automatically. I used the Backup module, but it was difficult to remember cosistently. I now have peace of mind, and I am pretty sure that the JackBack copies more stuff to the 8 meg module than the Backup modules did. I lost registration numbers on occasion when the batteries died with the Backup Module. That is depressing and inconvenient. I agree that this is an Award class program. They are to be commended on continuing to improve an excellent product.

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Product Details
Name: JackBack Software
Company: Brayder Technologies, Inc

Price: $19.95

Update: Auction Update / VisorAdventure 2
Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

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