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A Consumer's Perspective

Sunday October 31, 1999 - 7:54 PM EST - By Mike Lee

Told many different things

I have been told many different things by thedifferent customer service representatives I havedealt with. One call supposedly revealed that my Visorwas in the warehouse and was going to be shipped intwo to three days, and I should get it in another twoto three days. How this could happen if all of myinformation was incorrect and if my credit card wasn’tentered in the database with all of the numbers? Icould not even be found in the database under thecorrect spelling of my name this week when I called.

After dealing with a customer service representativethis Thursday, I was told to call back and speak to asupervisor on Friday. There would be a note on theirdesk that explained my situation, and I would need togive the rest of the necessarily information to thatperson. At that point, I wouldn’t need to do anythingelse except wait for my Visor, again. I was told thesupervisor would be in by 8 A.M. and was invited tocall then. I called before midday and spoke to thesupervisor. I gave her all the necessary informationwas assured I would be taken care of. I called Sundayafternoon to make sure the supervisor had entered myinto the shipping queue and make sure all of myinformation was correct. If it was not, what I couldto do to expedite the delivery of my product.Handspring’s website says:

"If you have any questions regarding Handspringproducts or would like to place an order over thephone, please call (888) 565-9393 anytime."

Last time I checked, anytime included Sundayafternoons. My call to Handspring today was the worstcustomer service experience I have ever had. I couldnot believe the level of curtness that I received.After a couple of minutes, I could see theconversation was making a turn for the worse and askedto speak to the supervisor. The representative had areluctance to let me speak to a supervisor. I hadasked repeatedly and finally in desperation I wastold:

"We don’t have enough supervisors to run aroundchecking on the status of orders, this is Sunday."

When I told the representative this request was nolonger about the status of my order, it was in themanner in which I was dealt, I was then invited towait until Monday for the status of my order. Mycontact information was taken down and I was told Iwould be called. That was enough for me. I could seethat I was not going to make any progress. I hadbetter things to do then argue with a customer servicerepresentative and had to settle for the dissatisfyingreplies they gave me.

Handspring Acknowledges Errors >>

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Handspring Acknowledges Errors

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