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Springboard Modules VS Compact Flash

Sunday November 7, 1999 - 4:30 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson


Disclaimer: As a converted former Windows CE user this opinion story might have a somewhat negative tone towards Windows CE.

Microsoft recently released a "Market Bulletin," in which they compare Springboard technology and Compact Flash.

In the bulletin Microsoft takes a shot at Handspring in several categories. First, Microsoft points out that "Applications like reference guides, dictionaries, and remote controls for audio/video equipment are installable in the systemís memory. None of these examples requires the addition of a module Ö Using Springboards as application distribution media is more expensive than floppy disks, according to Handspring. These costs are passed on to consumers, and reduce the revenue received by software developers. "

Am I missing something here? I thought software was installable in the systemís memory of the Visor as well. Oh yeah it is. And PalmOS programs are usually much smaller in file size than a comparable Windows CE program. Springboard technology is just another way for users to add software to their Visor.

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