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Visor Vs. Palm

Sunday September 12, 1999 - 1:54 AM EST - By Anthony Vargas

Visor Vs. Palm

Thinking about joining the palm revolution? Maybe you’re interested in buyingone of those new gadgets that everyone’s talking about. Or perhaps you aresimply interested in upgrading to a newer model. Either way, understanding thesimilarities and differences of the latest PalmOS units to hit the market will make your decision making easier.

What is this new Visor product, and how does it compare with 3Com’s Palmfamily?

The Visor, Handspring’s new Palm-sized computer, visually looks very similarto 3Com’s Palm III products. However, it is considerably thicker than 3Com’sPalm V. The Visor also comes in five different colors including blue, ice(translucent), green, orange, and the traditional graphite color. Despite theirsimilar appearances, the Visor and Palm III products are actually very differentmachines.

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What kinds of software do they each have?

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