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InnoPocket vs. MatchBookDrive

Monday March 5, 2001 - 3:20 PM EST - By Scott Hanselman

The Players

We've seen the carnage, we've seen the shots fired, now let's meet the players. Ever since we saw many Visor enthusiasts building their own Flash Adapter modules from nothing more than a $7 PCMCIA to Compact Flash adapter and two soldered wires we've wanted the storage. The promise of unlimited disk-like storage on our Visors is like a drug to Visor power-users! At first, it was an exercise in curiosity, limited to the garages of those with soldering irons and brave heart. Myself, I'd rather pay a someone to make me an adapter than risk embarrassing myself anyway. So, I waited for the first available CF->Visor Adapters.

Initially, the software support wasn't there. But Dave Kessler of Kopsis Engineering stepped to the plate with a Palm Library for CompactFlash Cards, and the FAFileMover software.

The War >>

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>The Players
The War
Card Opening
The Future - Hardware

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