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VisorAdventure Preview

Friday June 1, 2001 - 9:41 PM EST - By Alan Graham

Riddle me this:

What is a month long, over 9,000 miles, and has more modules than you can shake a stick at?

A: VisorAdventure of course.

Many moons ago I was working overseas and the prospect of lugging a laptop all over Europe and Asia just didn't appeal to me. I picked up a Newton 120, a card modem, and got an AOL account. I was connected. I sent and received faxes, kept journals, emailed friends and colleagues, and burned though quite a few AA batteries. But even back then, I knew the handheld market was the future of mobile computing.

Fast forward five or six years, and the handheld market is growing quickly, but the vertical markets just aren't growing fast enough for this PDA junkie. As a handheld evangelist I don't believe the message is getting out or is clear enough. Although we have multiple platforms, many different models, and a whole slew of software and hardware add-ons, many people aren't aware of what a handheld can do. It is so much more than a glorified address book. Corporations and agencies all over the world can reduce costs and improve productivity by adopting and promoting handheld technology.

L.T.L.B. (Leave the Laptop Behind) >>

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