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Exclamation Stylus
Wednesday September 13, 2000 - 8:30 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Bouncy, Bouncy!!Do you use your Visor more at your desk than on the road? Do you want a thicker stylus to use than those that fit inside the Visor's silo? Then check out the Exclamation Stylus by Traffic Works, Inc.


The Exclamation Stylus is aptly named, as it looks just like an exclamation point (!). The "point" or base of the stylus sits on your desk, and the "exclamation" is inserted into the base when not in use. Remove the stylus from the base when you need to use it -- this is similar to how a quill pen is put away when not in use. As you can see, an added benefit of the Exclamation Stylus is that the base never tips over because the base is weighted and completely rounded at the bottom.

The Exclamation Stylus comes in black, white, yellow, red, and blue; a pen version is also available.

Sabrina using the ! StylusUsability

The Exclamation Stylus is the first stylus that I have reviewed that could be considered a conversation piece. It wobbles until it's upright like those clown punching bags, so it will always come back up no matter how far down you hold the stylus. The Exclamation Stylus also makes a great cat toy, as you can see in the picture of our cat Sabrina.

Want more? The top of the Exclamation Stylus can be removed, turning the stylus into a last-minute Halloween costume. Be the life of the party as Pinnochio by using the stylus portion, or go as a clown when using the top of the stylus!:-)

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Product Details
Name: Exclamation Stylus
Company: Traffic Works
Size: 5" x 1-3/16"
Weight: 0.5 oz. 5.9 oz. w/ stand)
Refill: N/A
Fits Visor: No
Price: $19.95

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