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Matthew Price's Screen Protector
Friday March 9, 2001 - 2:17 PM EST - By Jack Southworth

Using it is a personal decision. Some may sacrifice a little touch sensitivity for a lot of protection, while others just can’t put up with the decrease in “feel” with one on. Wait…what are we talking about again? Oh yeah, screen protectors.

One set of Matthew Price’s Screen Protectors contains 12 sheets--enough for about a year when replaced at Price’s recommended interval of 4 weeks. The protectors are made of clear plastic, unlike the original WriteRights (there are now clear WriteRights available) that had a rough surface to graffiti recognition and reduce glare. They are also thicker than WriteRights (more on this later). Price’s sheets do not use adhesive to stick to the screen--they attach with “static cling,” which may help ease your worries of leaving a sticky residue on your Visor screen.


Attaching the screen protector is more of a job than attaching a WriteRight. It seems that the “static cling” method actually sticks better than the light adhesive that WriteRights use, which makes Price’s protector that much harder to position and to take off at the end of the protector’s life. In the instructions included with his protectors, Price suggests cutting off one corner of the sheet to make removal easier. Also making the job tough is the stiffness of the plastic material they are made of. You must be careful of creasing the plastic when applying it to your screen.

Of the three screen protectors I had from Price, one was actually slightly too wide for the screen (about 1/32”). He notes in his instructions, “My cutting tool is quite accurate but you may have to make a slight adjustment with a pair of scissors.” This was not a problem, but may help show you the difference between screen protectors made by a large company with precision equipment and someone working at home. 

The protectors have a backing that must be removed before they are applied. Separating a protector from the backing may actually end up being the most time consuming part of the whole operation, or could be no problem at all. Price suggests using your fingernail to separate the two. Needless to say, they are stuck together very well, and you may get frustrated. You also need to avoid touching the static side of the protector while installing it, as fingerprints and other dirt can and will show up if it comes in contact with anything.

After peeling the backing off about halfway, you begin guiding the protector on to the screen from the graffiti area up using a credit card to smooth it out as you lay it down. I had about the same amount of air bubbles I had with WriteRights, which can be removed by carefully pushing them to the edges of the protector with your credit card squeegee, and lifting up the edge of the protector if necessary. Price tells users that if there are a few imperfections, to leave it for a day or so because many will disappear. At the end of the instructions, Price states, ”If you happen to mangle one of your protectors during your first attempt at installation, let me know the next time you order and I will send you one extra.” This is a cool gesture and one that you may have to take him up on (though who will remember to ask for one extra a year later when re-ordering?)

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Product Details
Name: Matthew Price's Screen Protector
Company: Matthew Price

Price: $11.00 (12 screen protectors)

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