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What is a soft, warm, and hard reset?

A soft reset is a reset that reboots your Visor. A warm reset bypasses all patches and hacks. A hard reset clears everything.

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Soft reset
A soft reset is a reset that "reboots" your Visor. Perform a soft reset by sticking a paper clip in the hole at the mid right side of the Visor when looking at it from the back. Or you soft reset from some programs and dialogue boxes. There isn't any data loss with a soft reset, but you'll have to reactivate any installed hacks.

Warm reset
To perform a warm reset, press the up scroll key while you press reset. This is not in the Visor manual, but it does work on the Visor like other Palm OS PDAs. It basically bypasses all patches and hacks, but maintains your data in memory. Note that if you've done a warm reset, your hacks will be listed as active in HackMaster even though they aren't.

Hard reset
A hard reset is done by doing a soft reset while holding down the power button. To confirm the hard reset you must press the up scroll button. The date and time is maintained, but ALL OTHER DATA IS LOST. This clears everything, and any rogue software is completely removed from the Visor. Hopefully you've been doing backups, and you data is still the Backup directory of your profile in the Palm software directory. Doing a HotSync should restore your files. Remember to set the HotSync manager to "Desktop Overwrites Handheld".

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Saturday November 25, 2000

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