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Visor Handhelds
Visor Prism - Now $299
Visor Pro - NEW - $299
Visor Neo - NEW $199
Visor Edge - Now $299
Visor Platinum - Now $199
Visor Deluxe - Now $169
Magellan GPS
Total Recall Voice Recorder
OmniSky Minstrel S
Handy GPS
my-Vox Voice Recorder
SpringPort Modem
MiniJam (64MB) Backup Module
Thinmodem Portable
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Targus Stowaway

RhinoSkin Ti Slider
RhinoPack 2000
RhinoPak 1100
INCIPIO Visor Case
Leather Organizer with Binder
Slim Leather Case
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Custom Visor Stylus
Stylus Rainbow Pack
Custom Visor Stylus
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Screen Protectors
MMC Cards
SanDisk 32MB MMC
How to do Everything with Visor NEW
Visor for Dummies
Visor! I Didn't Know You Could Do That...

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latest articles & reviews

review: Visor Neo
Saturday September 15 - 6:38 PM EST
The Visor Deluxe gets an update. Which color do you choose?

review: Visor Pro
Saturday September 15 - 4:59 PM EST
Take the software features of the Visor Edge, the form factor of the Visor Deluxe, add more memory, and you have the Visor Pro.

review: Beat Plus
Monday August 27 - 11:53 PM EST
GameBoy who? Check out the module that gives the Visor more bangs, pows, kabooms, etc.

review: Parafone
Sunday August 26 - 3:44 PM EST
The Parafone module pairs communication with your information, letting you just tap on a number in your address book to make a call. Or in the same device take notes, while on the phone. It's an idea that's already making its way in the wireless market.

review: Audible Advisor
Sunday August 5 - 11:17 PM EST
So what do we call these audio books that the Advisor can play -- aBooks?

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Update: Auction Update / VisorAdventure 2
Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

InnoGear PowerCradle (updated)
Tue Oct 9 - 10:51 PM EST

iambic Office suite
Thu Oct 4 - 1:12 AM EST

Prism dropped to $299
Tue Oct 2 - 6:19 PM EST

New Portable Keyboard
Tue Oct 2 - 4:46 PM EST

Body Massager Module (updated)
Tue Oct 2 - 4:38 PM EST

Module Madness
Tue Oct 2 - 4:34 PM EST

New version of FlashAdapter software
Mon Oct 1 - 11:02 PM EST

Get Documents To Go with Visor purchase
Mon Oct 1 - 10:42 PM EST

SnapNType initial impressions
Fri Sep 28 - 10:11 PM EST

What's this? A new poll?!
Fri Sep 28 - 9:57 PM EST

Palm Desktop for Mac OS X by "the end of the year"
Thu Sep 27 - 2:36 PM EST

Going Corporate: Handspring partners with Aether
Wed Sep 26 - 6:19 PM EST

SnapNType Mini-Keyboard Available
Mon Sep 24 - 5:19 PM EST

Blazer 2.0 Beta
Mon Sep 24 - 4:42 PM EST


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