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InnoGear PowerCradle (updated)

Tuesday October 9, 2001 - 10:51 PM EST - By James Hromadka

InnoGear PowerCradleInnoGear has released a special PowerCradle that has a built-in charger, allowing users to charge Springboard modules with "built-in rechargers and rechargeable batteries," as well as the Visor itself. From the press release:
InnoGear today launched PowerCradle™, its new Charging/Power cradle for the Handspring Visor. With PowerCradle, users have the ability to enjoy Springboard ™ modules such as their MiniJam™ or Visor Phone™ without the worry of using up Visor battery life. PowerCradle users can also recharge batteries in the Handspring VisorPhone and several other rechargeable Springboard modules.

PowerCradle was developed with the MiniJam in mind to allow users to enjoy unlimited time listening to music without the worries of Visor battery drainage. Owners of Springboard modules such as the VisorPhone, Xircom Modem, OmniSky Modem, AirPrime Modem, and Novatel Modem and more, can also enjoy the benefits of the PowerCradle recharging or powering capabilities.

“We felt that the PowerCradle would be of great benefit to MiniJam owners”, said Kendrick Jan, CEO of InnoGear. “The ability to listen to continuous MP3 Music through their MiniJam without worries of battery consumption, allows users to enjoy unlimited use of our product and would eliminate the concern of running out of battery power”.
This is very handy (no pun intended) for USB users that do not have a Prism or Edge but want to keep their modules charged. The PowerCradle is now available for $39.95.

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