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Updated: Was color-blind now I see

Wednesday October 18, 2000 - 2:38 AM EST - By James Hromadka

I got in the Prism today and have been playing with it somewhat. For all of you who've been begging for Palm OS 3.5, make sure that your apps work with it. One of my apps (not sure which one yet) is wrecking havoc with my Prism. I'll let you know which one when I find it.

The Prism cannot physically connect to the GoType but does work with the Stowaway, although the connection seems loose to me. Hopefully Landware will either make a "bridge" to connect to the Prism or make a Prism GoType that also recharges the Prism.

As for speed, wow -- I tried StarPilot (a cpu-intensive app), and it drew the city stars w/ constellation lines in less than fifteen seconds! It takes about a minute on the VDX.

Heres a quick check of the Springboard modules onhand and if they show up in color:

Backup Module (no)
OmniRemote (no)
SpringPort Modem (no)
InfoMitt (some)
SoundsGood (yes)
Thincom (no)
MiniJam -- Locked when running MiniJukeBox. InnoGear is working on an update that will be available soon. The other apps (FileMover, PeanutPress, MiniLoader) worked fine on the module

In terms of looks, you can delete your Mirror app, as the Prism's screen is black when it is off. The pictures in Photo Album looked fantastic, and there are some 8-bit pictures thrown in to show you the difference. Wow!

I beamed my old apps over and they work fine. I think BackupBuddy installed some network files from my old Visor.

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