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VisorAdventure Preview - Jun 1 2001
Riddle me this: What is a month long, over 9,000 miles, and has more modules than you can shake a stick at?

Visor Survival - Tips and Tricks - Feb 9 2001
As a member of the Handspring Tribe, Alan Graham has spent the past year perfecting his Visor travel experience.

Traveling with the Visor - Oct 14 2000
James takes his Visor and a few modules with him to Dallas. Learn what not to do.

A browser for the real world - Mar 2 2001
Combining Internet technology, handheld computing, and global positioning systems, GeoDiscovery is planning to change the way we experience our surroundings.

Modules Within Sight - Aug 22 2000
Where are the modules? Find out what's going on.

Handspring's IPO Heads for Success - Jun 16 2000
Handpring, Inc. is set to begin public trading early next week. The company's status has changed rapidly in the less than two years it has been incorporated.

Visor in Retail! - Mar 27 2000
The wait is over.  Handspring announced today that its line of Visor handhelds will be in retail stores next week.

Students with the Visor - Dec 8 1999
The rising number of students with a computer in the house is well over 75%. Schools nationwide have implemented the use of computers and learning software.

Color Possibility? - Oct 28 1999
With all of the recent announcements regarding color, many users are wondering what the new Palm operating system (OS) will look like. Others are worried that if they buy a Handspring/Palm/TRG/etc. organizer today, it will be obsolete and worthless next year. Still other users complain that the Palm OS does not need color - grayscale is just fine.

A Developer's Perspective - Oct 11 1999
As most of us anxiously await getting a Visor from Handspring there are those lucky few who have managed to already get one.

Visor Compatibility - Sep 25 1999
Does the Handspring work with all of my software that I have for my Palm organizer?

Visor 3D renderings - Apr 25 2000
3D models of various parts of the Visor

USB Dilemma - Sep 16 1999
While the Visor may sync faster than Palm, that is not gonna benefit you if yoy run Windows 95. Find out why.

The Visor is announced - Apr 25 2000
The highly anticipated Handspring PDA is finally here – the company introduced the Visor product family earlier today. Visor will start shipping in October.

WordSmith 2.0 Preview - Jul 10 2001
Michael Ducker is a beta tester for WordSmith 2.0. For this preview he has prepared some never before seen screenshots, and provides some more detail about FineType.

Presenter-to-Go Preview - Feb 12 2001
Next time you have that big presentation you won't need a laptop anymore.

VisorPhone Preview - Oct 8 2000
It's SMS! It's a modem! It's the VisorPhone!

AirPrime SB1000 Preview - Sep 30 2000
AirPrime announced a CDMA compatible version of the VisorPhone at Global Xchange

WIPClip Preview - Sep 30 2000
Introduced at Global Xchange, Tellus Technologies' WIPClip is the smallest CDPD module announced to date.

MiniJam's Mega-accessories - Sep 14 2000
Competition: It's A Good Thing™ (no pun intended). InnoGear fights back with a slew of accessories for the MiniJam.

Word Access Preview - Aug 23 2000
Find out the feature list of this voice recorder Springboard module.

@ctiveLink Preview - Aug 23 2000
The @ctiveLink™ will allow wireless messaging, as well as access to email and other information applications

InnoPak/2V Preview - Apr 30 2000
After many months of anxiously awaiting some of the Springboard modules from InnoGear, the modules are beginning to trickle out.

Thalia Products Handhelper Module Preview - Apr 25 2000
Do you remember that announcement about Zilog working on home appliances that could connect to each other?

Visor goes Wireless with SpringPort - Apr 25 2000
The world is becoming increasingly mobile and everyone wants to access information while on-site or on the go.

CUE Radio Preview - Apr 25 2000
How would you like to have a pager that can be local or nationwide that has news alerts and email alerts and is an FM radio to boot?

Stowaway Preview - Apr 25 2000
James is a beta tester for the new Stowaway keyboard. Read his initial thoughts on this innovative device.

Scan Text into your Visor - Apr 25 2000
The QLModule, which is based on WizCom’s QuickLink Pen, will allow users to scan any printed data into the Visor.

Smile! Bluetooth is Coming - Apr 25 2000
Information is starting to come out now about the Bluetooth springboard from Widcomm called the Blue-Connect™. The Blue-Connect module enables wireless connectivity with other Bluetooth-enabled devices

SixPak - The Perfect Springboard? - Apr 25 2000
Innogear next spring will release the SixPak™, the first "combo card" for the Handspring Visor. This could be the "killer springboard" that everyone will want.

face off
InnoPocket vs. MatchBookDrive - Mar 5 2001
We've seen the carnage, we've seen the shots fired, now let's meet the players.

My-Vox vs. Total Recall - Who should you speak to? - Feb 8 2001
So you want to add the 'Voice dimension' to your daily organizational efforts? You've become proficient at using your Visor to plan your life, but graffiti just doesn't cut it sometimes? These two modules attempt to introduce the convenient feature of voice recording to your already efficient Visor.

OmniSky vs. YadaYada - Feb 2 2001
In the biggest head-to-head since Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Scott explores the nuanced differences between the OmniSky and YadaYada wireless services, and the Novatel Wireless Modem they both exploit.

MiniJam vs. SoundsGood - Sep 18 2000
Visor Users have a choice when it comes to MP3 modules. This will help make your decision.

Around the US in 8 PDAs - Aug 18 2000
Scott Hanselman set out to find just how "connected" one can be on a cross-country trip.

Stowaway vs. GoType - Apr 13 2000
In this faceoff, I compare the Stowaway and GoType in terms of features and usability.

Speed Comparison - Jan 18 2000
One of the things that has always been touted about the Handspring Visor is the speed of USB. But how much faster is USB than serial?

Springboard Modules VS Compact Flash - Nov 7 1999
Microsoft recently released a "Market Bulletin," in which they compare Springboard technology and Compact Flash.

Visor Deluxe Vs PalmVx - Oct 15 1999
When the Visor was introduced, many people felt that the only thing that it was missing was the small size of the Palm V organizer. On October 4, 1999, 3COM introduced the Palm Vx, which includes Palm OS 3.3 and 8MB of RAM. Now the big question - is the newer OS and form factor worth the additional $200.00?

Visor Vs. Palm - Sep 12 1999
Thinking about joining the palm revolution? Maybe you're interested in buying one of those new gadgets that everyone's talking about. Or perhaps you are simply interested in upgrading to a newer model.

Open Desktop - Jul 7 2001
Palm wants to split its hardware and software businesses. They can start by opening up the Palm Desktop.

SmartMedia versus CompactFlash versus Springboard Flash Memory - Jun 12 2001
Scott addresses a number of questions regarding the various storage options for the Visor.

My Better Third - May 28 2001
James comes to a startling conclusion; he'll tell you after he checks his Visor.

Where are the "Killer" Modules? - Apr 26 2001
Even though he gets to play with most of the Springboard modules, James is never satisfied. Find out about his dream list.

Palm, What Have You Done For Me Lately? - Apr 12 2001
Alan thinks that Palm is innovating at the speed of molasses.

Stowaway in school - Mar 22 2001
Michael Ducker, a Junior High student in Minnesota, takes a different look at the Stowaway keyboard: How it works in the School environment.

Why Eye? - Mar 21 2001
Smaller than a saltine and much tastier, Alan Graham says the EyeModule 2 is a winner and is here to prove it.

Techno-Prophet - Mar 6 2001
Alan decided to sit down and develop some of his own Visor ideas, so that people can see him for the visionary he really is.

A Thousand Pixels of Light - Feb 26 2001
Dot-coms are tanking left and right with no end in site, and all I have to say about it is, Thank (insert your deity here).

Web-Based Organizers - Feb 21 2001
After spending about an hour jumping from service to service, Alan realized why he never uses a web-based organizer. It's a dumb idea!

The PC is Dead - Feb 14 2001
Now I am going to say something shocking and even a little disturbing. These are words I never thought would pass these lips and I don't want you to be upset. Larry Ellison's vision of the future was right. The PC as you know it, is dead.

My Visor goes to School - Feb 6 2001
Micheal Ducker, a Junior High student in Minnesota, shares his experience using the Visor in school.

Happy Birthday to You - My Visor Turns One - Feb 5 2001
This February marks the first anniversary of my Visor and I thought I would take a moment to look back on the past 12 months and see what has made the Handspring Visor such a huge success.

Forget Wireless - I want Wired - Jan 23 2001
The only wired ethernet option has disappeared. Bring it back!

A Module for Success - Jan 18 2001
Springboard modules are easy to use. Find out how to make them better.

Palm's response to the Pocket PC. - Apr 21 2000
On April 19, Microsoft announced the Pocket PC, which includes an updated Windows CE operating system that is set to take on the Palm operating system.

Invisibility at the Sundance Film Festival - Feb 1 2000
Doug Morse explains why his Visor was invaluable at the Sundance 2000 Film Festival.

Success Overwhelming Handspring - Dec 13 1999
Just recently Handspring was expected to be the first major rival to 3Com’s Palm PDA. Now, however, rather than marketing their product, Handspring is barely able to get the Visor into the hands of customers.

Y2Kraziness - Nov 25 1999
It is almost time, folks. 1999 is almost over, and now it is time for those daily news broadcasts about how we need to stock up on water and matches and hide in our bunkers.

A Consumer's Perspective - Oct 31 1999
VisorCentral staff member Mike Lee describes the problems he encountered while ordering his Visor.

Handspring Doesn't Have a Handle Just Yet - Oct 18 1999
Contrary to reports of consumers not receiving their Visor PDA units until December, some will have theirs as early as Thursday

Handsprings to Learning - May 5 2001
James interviews Dave Watkins from East Carolina University. Read about how the Visor is being used in higher education.

Interview With Handspring - Apr 20 2001
Alan sits down with Handspring to discuss the Edge, Clie, iPaq and Palm 50x.

A chat with the CF Adapter Guru - Feb 20 2001
The beauty of VisorCentral is that you can ask just about anything and get an answer. Whether it’s software, hardware, how-to, or just general information, the VisorCentral membership is a wealth of knowledge. There are several members that have taken their knowledge a step further and gone on to produce products for our beloved Visor’s.

InnoGear Comdex Interview - Nov 18 2000
InnoGear has taken a lot of flack (some of it deserved) for the delays of key products. All of the InnoGear people that I spoke to acknowledged their mistakes and expressed a real desire for getting things right.

Bob Fullerton Q&A - Jul 10 2000
At last June's PC Expo, Marcus and James talk to Bob Fullerton, president of InnoGear about future products.

GeoDiscovery Q&A - Jun 28 2000
During PC Expo 2000, I had the opportunity to chat with Joe Free, GeoDiscovery's resident evangelist, about the upcoming Geode GPS module.

Innogear Q&A - Feb 9 2000
James interviews Bob Fullerton, president of Innogear. With the InfoMitt pager, the MiniJam, and the highly anticipated SixPak scheduled to be released this year, InnoGear has the unique opportunity to "put a Springboard module in every Visor."

We have a Winner - Oct 17 1999
When Chris Baker found out that Handspring was going to have a booth and show the Visor at Fall Internet World 99 he registered for the Expo. Little did he know that he would end up leaving with one in hand…

Exclusive Hawkins Interview - Oct 18 1999
VisorCentral recently got a chance to sit down with Mr. Visor/Palm himself - Jeff Hawkins.

Mr. Hromadka goes to Redmond - Sep 10 2001
James has an adventure of his own, deep in the heart of Redmond. Has the Pocket PC caught up to Palm?

VisorVision Explained - Jul 2 2001
All the details on how VisorCentral provided video at this year's PC Expo.

PC Expo Video Streams - Jun 29 2001
During PC Expo 2001, VisorCentral provided video streams from the show. We now have them available as QuickTime .MOV files for those who wish to view the videos offline.

Viva Las Vegas! - Nov 22 2000
Find out how we spent VisorCentral's money and a few newsworthy tidbits.

Comdex 2000 - Nov 17 2000
Comdex is over, find out what happend.

James at HAL-PC - Aug 12 2000
Find out what James wanted to say at a Palm user group meeting.

Looking back at PC Expo - Jul 19 2000
Almost a month has passed since PC Expo, and looking back it was quite the adventure.

Springing into action - Jun 28 2000
Several long awaited Springboard modules makes their debut at PC Expo.

Cutting the Cord - Jun 28 2000
Handspring Visor owners will within the next few months go from having zero wireless options to a plethora of wireless solutions.

Hawkins: Keep it simple - Jun 28 2000
PC Expo keynote speaker Jeff Hawkins touched on as what should be considered the "killer app" for smart phones

Counting down to PC Expo 2000 - Jun 2 2000
During June 27-29 when PC Expo 2000 occurs, you can expect to finally see more information about those fabled Springboard modules than mere press releases.

Spying on PocketPC - Apr 9 2000
Yes, yours truly was a spy at Microsoft eXtreme where the kind folks at Redmond previewed their new Pocket PC

Report from the Floor - Oct 9 1999
The second in a series of articles that will be published containing information from Internet World.

Report from Internet World - Oct 7 1999
Internet World 1999 was the first chance for the public to see the Visor and its support accessories in person. Here are our opinions and impressions

visorCentral awards
VisorCentral Awards 2001 - Day 11 - Oct 8 2001
The Visor has been out for over two years. Find out the creme of the crop from this past year.

VisorCentral Awards 2000 - Sep 14 2000
The Visor has been out for a year. Find out the creme of the crop from this past year.

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