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Body Massager Module (updated)

Tuesday October 2, 2001 - 4:38 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Not THAT kind of massagerRaynet Technologies today introduced the world's first body massager Springboard module for the Visor - the Raycom Personal Massager.

By snapping the massaging module into the Handspring Springboard expansion slot, people are able to massage their tired muscles while working, reading, watching television or simply relaxing. With the easy 1-2-3 step instructions, the massaging module provides Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) through two gel pads that are attached to selected
areas on the body. It comes with a selection of three basic massage modes consisting of squeezing, chopping, and tapping along with three different programs for the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Adjustment capabilities are designed to meet people's various builds and desires.

For the beginners, a step-by-step quick guide is available to get started. The on-screen Instruction and Body Guide provides an easy reference. People can observe their massage mode and progress through the color-enabled animated and graphic display screen. Regular users will enjoy the unique personal settings equipped with comprehensive features including frequency, ramp-up modulation, burst, pressure, and duration.

Future free downloads of new massage modes and software upgrades will be available for product enhancement. While providing vigorous massaging, the device uses less than 50mA and provides more than three weeks of battery life under normal usage.

Due to its small size, the Personal Massager is targeted for portable use in the office, at home or during travel. The compact massager can fit unnoticeably into the pocket compared to the bulkier conventional equipment available.

Now available at for $99.00, the Personal Massager's capabilities are equal to the high-end conventional (EMS) devices without the size and cost.

Update: Added link to website and product photo.

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