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 visorcentral >> gift ideas holiday 2000

Visor PlatinumVisor Platinum
$299.00 Buy Now
Perfect for the business professional, the Visor Platinum cost slightly more than the Visor Deluxe, and at first glimpse, doesn't warrant the extra $50. However, this is a case of little things adding up to give a better experience. Palm OS 3.5 + faster processor + corporate color = the perfect handheld for business users that don't want color or a rechargeable battery.
Stowaway Keyboard
$84.94 Buy Now
The Targus Stowaway keyboard is the first step towards ditching your laptop and using only your Visor. It costs a little more than other keyboards, but then again, no other keyboard fits in your pocket. The Stowaway is a quality keyboard which should be on every Visor owner's short list, and one of the most innovative products that we have ever seen.
$119.95 Buy Now
Thinmodem by Card Access does a great job of allowing you to get connected with your Visor out of the box. While some of the included software is shareware, its fantastic Setup application and innovative Status Screen let users get the most out of the Thinmodem.
my-Vox Digital Voice Recorder
$69.95 Buy Now
A digital voice recorder that is perfect for taking down thoughts, the my-Vox uses the Handspring Visor's built-in microphone to record up to 8 minutes or approximately 99 messages. The module features single-button action for recording, as well as voice activation. The unit and comes with earphones
Franklin Merriam-Webster Dictionary
$49.99 Buy Now
The dictionary includes over 100,000 words and 300,000 definitions and allows you to find a word instantly even when you misspell it, thanks to phonetic spell correction. Franklin's inflection technology allows you to type in any form of a word and get its root entry, e.g., typing "has" will bring up "have."
$44.95 Buy Now
The InnoPak/2V by InnoGear allows Visor fans to receive fairly quiet alarm notification without disturbing others around them -- especially those sad individuals who don't yet have a Visor! For a reasonable price one gets 2MB of expanded memory and a quality vibrating alarm.
powerOne Finance
$49.95 Buy Now
Now you can use your Handspring device to solve loan, lease, mortgage, and annuity problems; analyze investments that involve cash inflows and outflows; perform unit conversions; calculate depreciation using four different methods; and more.
Slim Leather Case
$24.94 Buy Now
Keep your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe safe and protected in a stylish Handspring carrying case. Handspring cases are the top of the line with styles ranging from executive to casual to hip depending on your mood, or value models that protect your Visor for a great price. This slim black leather model is a bifold design that includes card slots and an extra pocket. A Velcro leather tongue provides a secure closure.
Visor Pen Stylus
$13.94 Buy Now
The Handspring Visor Pen Stylus is a great value that is great for users that want to have a stylus/pen combo that fits in the Visor silo. I only wish that it weighed a little more and allowed the ink to be replaced. If the stock stylus weighs fine, the weight of the Pen stylus will not be a problem.
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