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How can I move my data from my current device to a new Visor?

Follow the simple steps in this article.

More Information

  • Perform a HotSync operation with your old device. This ensures that the latest information is on your desktop computer.
  • Install the new desktop software contained on the CD-ROM. This updates the HotSync software to work with Visor.
  • Place your new Visor handheld in the cradle and press the HotSync button. If the Select User Dialog appears, select your username.
If any third party applications do not get installed onto your Visor, you can beam them from your Palm device or reinstall them from the original PC files. Note that you can keep your Palm cradle and synchronize to the same PC as you synchronize your Visor. In order to keep your computer from confusing your two devices, however, you must hard reset the Palm device (see your Palm manual for details).

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Saturday November 25, 2000

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