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The paint on my Prism is coming off, What do I do?

Call Handspring Customer Support for replacement.

More Information

The Prism is covered under a 1 year warrenty.

If the paint peels or any other manufacturer defect occurs, Handspring will be able to replace your unit for you. The Prism has a plastic mold color of dark blue. It is than painted a lighter, better looking blue.

The earlier Prisms had a problem of the paint rubbing off, where the Prism rubbed against a case, or cradle. Since then, Handspring has redone the process of how they paint the Prisms, so that this problem should be eliminated.

But if you do have a problem with the paint rubbing off, you should be able to call Handspring Customer Support. Tell them your situation, and as long as your Prism is no more than one year old, they should mail you a replacement Prism.

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Sunday January 21, 2001

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