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 visorcentral >> countdown to christmas winners
This Christmas morning we are excited to present the winners of our "Countdown to Christmas Contest." Congratulations and a special merry Christmas to all 61 winners, and thank you to the thousands of users who entered. 

At this point we can only present the winners' user names, but we will update this page throughout the week with actual names. Click here to view all the correct answers.

Note to winners: We will send you a confirmation e-mail within five days. Reply to the confirmation within one week of receiving it to claim your prize.

1. Handspring Visor Prism
No matter what people say, secretly they want color but stumble on the price. Win the Prism and you won't have to! This beautiful 16-bit color handheld computer will make your monochrome friends turn pale-green with envy.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • jamieschneider

Prize provided by: Handspring

2. Innogear MiniJam
The MiniJam by InnoGear is one of the most innovative products you can find in the handheld market. It combines a great user interface with seamless technology to provide great sound on the Visor.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • DMcH
Prize provided by: Innogear
3. GeoDiscovery Geode
Never get lost again with GeoDiscovery's Geode. The Geode includes two multimedia (MMC) card slots for storing maps and travel information. And thanks to new, more advanced global positioning technology, it's faster and more accurate than any other consumer global positioning system. Since the Geode isn't yet available, the winner will receive a Gift Certificate valid for one of the very first units released!

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • chewie2222

Prize provided by: GeoDiscovery
4. Handspring Visor Deluxe
Hands down, the Visor� Deluxe is the best-selling Handspring Visor handheld. And there are loads of reasons why. Like the fact that it's loaded with 8 MB of RAM for amazing storage, comes in 5 very cool colors, has superior organizational skills, and expands infinitely with its unique Springboard expansion slot.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • matty
Prize provided by: Handspring
5. Eye Module
The eyemodule� expands the usefulness of the Visor, turning it into an image capture device for business or pleasure. Its digital camera captures images in color or black & white using a low-power CMOS imaging array. Once inserted into the Visor�, the eyemodule adds only 15 mm to the length and adds no thickness and practically no weight to the Visor�.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • Bryternow

Prizes provided by: Block Products
6-7. Card Access Thinmodem
The Wristband� Thinmodem portable modem from Card Access is tiny, but it packs a punch. It's a full-functioning hard line (US/Canada) modem that lets you use your Visor� to browse the Web and communicate via email in moments. Yet this powerful little modem adds no size or bulk to your Visor and consumes very little power.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • smwright
  • Cerulean

Two Prizes provided by: Card Access
8-12. my-Vox HS1 Digital Voice Recorder
A digital voice recorder that's perfect for taking down your every thought, uses the Handspring Visor's built-in microphone to record up to 8 minutes of audio, or approximately 99 messages. The module features single-buttons for recording, as well as voice activation features. The my-Vox includes high-quality earphones.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • kpepple
  • Marcy Fields
  • jawalsh
  • bwohlgemuth
  • SurfnSoCal

Five Prize provided by: Shinei Technologies
13. OmniRemote Module
Imagine making the ultimate home remote control to replace all of the other remotes littering your coffee table. Replace that so-called universal remote you bought thinking it would do everything you wanted, only to find out it didn"t have enough buttons and/or didn't control the PIP on your television. With OmniRemote, these frustrations are a thing of the past!

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • mnartker

Prize provided by: Pacific Neo-Tek
14-18. CES QuickOffice
Quickoffice is a software suite which includes Quicksheet, Quickchart and a new full featured SmartDoc text editing application called Quickword.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • eeyoremd
  • Winchell
  • CrayDrygu
  • dtessier
  • Mack

Five Prizes provided by: Cutting Edge Software
19. RhinoSkin Executive Leather Case
This full-grain leather case doesn't only hold your Visor, but also has designated storage space for your business/credit cards, cash, receipts and more.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • tyketimer

Prize provided by: RhinoSkin
20. Any Handspring Case
Choose any case from Handspring's wide variety of cases. With so many choices, it's easy to personalize your Visor to reflect your own unique style.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • lpinsker

Prize provided by: Handspring
21. RhinoSkin  Titanium Hardcase
If you want the very best in protection for your Visor, look no further than the Titanium Hardcase from RhinoSkin.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • rblack13

Prize provided by: RhinoSkin
22. RhinoSkin  RhinoPak 1100
The RhinoSkin RhinoPak 1100 is the best way to carry the Visor and a few Springboard modules without having to carry a bulky case around.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • jsburton

Prize provided by: RhinoSkin
23. RhinoSkin  RhinoPak 2000
The RhinoSkin RhinoPak 2000 offers a great way to carry your Visor and various accessories. The RP2000 provides excellent protection for your Visor and entire springboard collection.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • dpdamour

Prize provided by: RhinoSkin
24. RhinoSkin ShockSuit SportCase
The ShockSuit SportCase by RhinoSkin offers some of the best protection for any case. It is specially designed with padding in the places most likely to hit the ground right before you say "uh-oh."

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • Clyde

Prize provided by: RhinoSkin
25-27. Landware Financial Consultant
The Financial Consultant has been designed specifically for real estate, retailing and business professionals who want to use their Palm connected organizers to make fundamental financial decisions quickly and accurately.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • johnkes
  • ericw1
  • calpilot

Three Prizes provided by: VisorCentral
28-30. Landware Gulliver
Gulliver handles all the details of business travel and places the information you need at your fingertips; Critical data such as hotel and rental car reservations, flight schedules, frequent flyer ID numbers, Airlines and Airports are only a tap away.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • editboxer
  • calpilot
  • jpkovar

Three Prizes provided by: VisorCentral
31-32. EB Cases Slipper Visor
A beautiful form-fitting design for your Handspring Visor, Visor Deluxe, and Visor Platinum. This case was specially designed to conform to the Visor body and allow the user to hot sync the Visor without removing it from the case. It also comes with a credit card or business card slot. This case does not accommodate the Visor Prism.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • JohnS
  • corb

Two Prizes provided by: VisorCentral
33-35. Yafa 4.Palm Styli
Looking to replace your current stylus with something multi-functional? The 4.Palm stuffs a ball-point pen, a 0.5 mm pencil, an orange highlighter and a stylus into its �" thick barrel (5/8" including the clip).

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • BRIANR2824
  • kram
  • putty

Three Prizes provided by: VisorCentral
36-45. Otterbox 3000
The Otter Box 3000 is made with a fiberglass reinforced ABS resin that is almost crush-proof, and it is waterproof up to a depth of 100 ft. As you might understand, this isn"t a case for the office unless of course your office is the great outdoors :-)

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • cse969
  • oscarc
  • cdodge
  • twmartin
  • iwildflower
  • jhoban
  • lesterj2
  • lwakefo
  • SKline18
  • lizardguy

Ten Prizes provided by: VisorCentral
46-51. PDA Panache Custom Visor Styli
Custom made just for Handspring's Visor, these deluxe styli are all-metal with black or chrome finish. A handy reset pin is hidden under the top-cap, and an EasyView orange screen-safe writing tip. This stylus has a generous finger grip area that matches the Visor's side grips and offers comfortable hold and extra tapping

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • confused
  • baranski
  • DMcH
  • ernieba1
  • munkeyhed
  • hurst69

Six Prizes provided by: PDA Panache
52-61. AstraWare Zap!2016/2000
Arcade gaming on the Palm has never looked so good... Zap!2000/2016 brings to your Visor all the best features you could want in a shoot-em-up game. Zap!2016 is enhanced for the Visor Prism, making full use Prism's 65,000 color screen, while Zap!2000 looks great on any greyscale Visor.

Congratulation to the Winner(s):
  • ucat606
  • colorado cane
  • acajigas
  • Jeff Yoder
  • dpdamour
  • thorin
  • jeffy
  • intysoft
  • hrl71
  • dfinberg

Ten Prizes provided by: Astraware
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