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 visorcentral >> gift ideas holiday 2000

Visor PrismVisor Prism
$449.00 Buy Now
Designed for the gamer at heart, the Visor Prism offers the cutting-edge features that warrant mega bragging rights. The full featured device offers a sharp, full color screen which displays over 65,000 colors. 8 MB of Memory ensures plenty of space for full-featured color games that demonstrate the power of the Visor Prism.
$39.95 Buy Now
No one can be a serious Visor Gamer without the GameFace! The GameFace snaps on to your Handspring Visor (Visor, Visor Deluxe, and Visor Platinum only) handheld and features joystick and 2 game buttons. Includes full copy of Astraware's Zap!2000 on CD-ROM
Handspring 8 MB Flash
$79.94 Buy Now
The Handspring Backup module is one of the first things you should buy for your Visor. Keep a complete backup of all of your data for when you're on the road. This is the Springboard module that every user should own.
Pocket Express Entertainment Pack
$39.99 Buy Now
With so many free entertainment titles available for Visors it's hard to imagine spending this much money on a collection of simple games. That said, there are a few gems in the bunch that will make the Pocket Express Entertainment Pack a welcome addition to your Springboard module collection.
Handspring Tiger Woods PGA
$29.94 Buy Now
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf is a high-resolution, full-motion graphic golf game for your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe hand-held organizer. It is fully removable, so you don't use up any precious RAM. It presents three graphically displayed golf courses for your enjoyment: TPC at Summerlin, TPC at Sawgrass, and Badlands Golf Club. Just insert the module and start playing golf.
Handspring Visor Neoprene Case
$24.95 Buy Now
The Handspring Visor Neoprene Case fits all Handspring Visor handhelds, features a sporty design and protects and cushions your handheld. A convenient belt loop and lanyard D-ring helps you carry the case anywhere.
Visor Styli 5 pack
$15.94 Buy Now
Don't get caught without a stylus again. The rainbow pack is a fun and useful upgrade for your Handspring Visor. They are appropriately weighted for your writing pleasure, and there are five different colors to accommodate your personal style.
$269.00 Buy Now
As the name implies, the SoundsGood MP3 Springboard module has great sound and has the added benefit of being a standard-size module. With its blazingly fast transfer speed, you can get your MP3 songs from your computer to this 64MB module in no time.
$259.99 Buy Now
The MiniJam MP3 Springboard module holds two Multimedia Cards (MMCs) for up to 128MB of music at one time. Take along a few extra MMCs for all the music you want and listen to music while using some of the included reading and image viewing software.
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