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Tiger Woods PGA
Sunday October 9, 2016 - 8:00 PM EST - By Anthony Vargas

The Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf product is the first PalmOS software title released on a Springboard module. Handspring designed the Springboard expansion technology to expand the capability of its new Visor product line. The module VisorCentral reviewed demonstrates the great potential Springboard technology has in separating the Visor from the other PalmOS handheld devices on the market.

Initial Thoughts

The Springboard module looks much like a Game boy cartridge at a first glance. A closer inspection actually shows that it is smaller. In fact, the module does not add any thickness to the Visor while inserted. This particular module weighs almost as much as the plastic case that covers the empty Springboard bay, keeping the overall weight of the Visor the same.

Initially I was wondering why I would want a cartridge-like Springboard when I could just simply buy the game and install it directly onto my Visor, skipping the need to carry around additional hardware. However, after playing Electronic Artí Tiger Woods PGA TOUR game I found the answer. The animations and realistic simulations make for exciting game play at the cost of expensive memory. The non-Springboard version of the game uses more than 500kb of memory, quite an extensive amount considering most PalmOS application use less that 40kb of storage space.

Plug & Play Golf

Handspring designed Springboard technology to utilize Plug & Play architecture. At the same time, Handspring seems to have redefined the definition of Plug & Play. Inserting the module turns the Visor on and launches the game instantly; seconds later you are perfecting your long shot on the golf course of your choice. When you are finished playing, removing the module ends the game and removes it from the memory as if the game was never played. I have never seen a plug and play scheme done quite so nicely.

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Product Details
Name: Tiger Woods PGA
Company: Handspring
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Size: 2.05"x2.126"x0.33"
Weight: 0.6 oz.

Price: $29.95

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