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 visorcentral >> gift ideas holiday 2000

Visor PrismVisor Prism
$449.00 Buy Now
Designed to provide a bright display, the Visor Prism is perfect for doctors who work inside buildings. The full featured device offers a sharp, full color screen which displays over 65,000 colors. 8 MB of Memory ensures plenty of space for full-featured color applications that demonstrate the power of the Visor Prism.
Franklin Harrison's Companion Handbook
$99.00 Buy Now
The handbook summarizes the diagnosis and treatment of all clinical disorders. It includes information on signs and symptoms of diseases, the most common diseases and disorders by system, psychiatric disorders, dependency disorders, adverse drug reactions, medical emergencies, and lab values.
Franklin The Medical Letter's Handbook of Adverse Drug Interaction
$99.99 Buy Now
The handbook provides drug interaction information for over 4,000 drugs. Analysis includes probable mechanisms/conditions to be aware of, a course of action, and alternative therapy in certain cases.
Franklin Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics
$99.99 Buy Now
This product provides a variety of ways to access a logical approach to diagnostics evaluation and therapeutics. Features include diagnostic decision trees, a chapter devoted to the immunocompromised patient, and accurate dosages and management recommendations.
Franklin PDR 2000
$199.99 Buy Now
The Franklin PDR 2000 Springboard Module provides the important FDA- approved drug information you need at the quick touch of your stylus. This Springboard module for your Handspring Visor displays accurate prescription drug information quickly. You can search by brand or generic name, or compare drugs within classes. It also includes the manufacturer and generic name for every prescription drug fully described in the 2000 PDR and PDR for Ophthalmology.
Stowaway Keyboard
$84.94 Buy Now
The Targus Stowaway keyboard is the first step towards ditching your laptop and using only your Visor. It costs a little more than other keyboards, but then again, no other keyboard fits in your pocket. The Stowaway is a quality keyboard which should be on every Visor owner's short list, and one of the most innovative products that we have ever seen.
$68.86 Buy Now
GoType!'s rigid, field-proven, single-piece design involves no complex moving parts and is unparalled in its fast setup time: Just open the protective hood, drop in the Visor and start typing.
Visor Pen Stylus
$13.94 Buy Now
The Handspring Visor Pen Stylus is a great value that is great for users that want to have a stylus/pen combo that fits in the Visor silo. I only wish that it weighed a little more and allowed the ink to be replaced. If the stock stylus weighs fine, the weight of the Pen stylus will not be a problem.
Slim Leather Case
$24.94 Buy Now
Keep your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe safe and protected in a stylish Handspring carrying case. Handspring cases are the top of the line with styles ranging from executive to casual to hip depending on your mood, or value models that protect your Visor for a great price. This slim black leather model is a bifold design that includes card slots and an extra pocket. A Velcro leather tongue provides a secure closure. It
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