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Visor Pen Stylus
$13.94 Buy Now
The Handspring Visor Pen Stylus is a great value that is great for users that want to have a stylus/pen combo that fits in the Visor silo. I only wish that it weighed a little more and allowed the ink to be replaced. If the stock stylus weighs fine, the weight of the Pen stylus will not be a problem.
Visor Styli 5 pack
$15.94 Buy Now
Don't get caught without a stylus again. The rainbow pack is a fun and useful upgrade for your Handspring Visor. They are appropriately weighted for your writing pleasure, and there are five different colors to accommodate your personal style.
PDA Panache Custom Visor Stylus (Chrome)
$14.95 Buy Now
The PDA Panache custom stylus upgrade for your Handspring Visor fits in your Visor's stylus slot so it's always there when you need it. Custom made just for Handspring Visor's, these deluxe styli are all-metal with black or chrome finish. Handy reset pin hidden under top-cap.
PDA Panache Triple Function Stylus (Chrome)
$21.95 Buy Now
The PDA Panache Trio Stylus-Pen-Pencil combo lets you have it all. A quality all-metal instrument with our EasyView stylus point, a black ink ball-pen, and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. Amazingly slim for so much functionality! Simple one-hand selection of the point you want. Just face the right symbol towards you and press the top-button. Black dot for pen, red dot for stylus, .5mm symbol for pencil. To release, just press the button built into the pocket clip and your stylus point is safely retracted for storage.
Fellowes 98029 Pencap Stylus
$6.99 Buy Now
The Fellowes 98029 PenCap Stylus is a pen cap replacement allowing users of hand-held computers to convert most disposable pens into a stylus and back again instantly. Sold in a pack of four, the Fellowes 98029 PenCap Stylus is designed for comfort and control and can be used on either end of a pen. The scratch-resistant, off-center, cramp-relief tip allows you to switch your grip with ease. The PenCap Stylus is designed for use with any pen-based PDA or computer pad.
Slim Leather Case
$24.94 Buy Now
Keep your Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe safe and protected in a stylish Handspring carrying case. Handspring cases are the top of the line with styles ranging from executive to casual to hip depending on your mood, or value models that protect your Visor for a great price. This slim black leather model is a bifold design that includes card slots and an extra pocket. A Velcro leather tongue provides a secure closure. .
INCIPIO Handspring Visor Case
$26.99 Buy Now
The INCIPIO Handspring Visor case is designed for the Handspring Visor handheld computer. It is constructed of durable, water-resistant material. It has four internal pockets, plus one for money (large enough to accommodate international bills), a clear window for Q-Cards or ID, and room for all of your credit cards. Yet, it remains slim enough to fit in your pocket.
Backup Module
$39.94 Buy Now
The Handspring Backup module is one of the first things you should buy for your Visor. Keep a complete backup of all of your data for when you're on the road. This is the Springboard module that every user should own.
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