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Tips for Module errors

Tips on keeping the Reset button away

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After a recent news item on sporadic errors inserting or removing Springboard modules, we received an email from a developer offering tips on keeping the Reset button away. The "best practice" for removing a Springboard module is the following:
  1. Stop what you're doing. Disconnect if you're online, stop any music playing, etc. If a module can be "powered down" like the Minstrel S or MiniJam, do so.
  2. Run another application. Press the Calendar button or one of the other hardware buttons.
  3. Remove the module.
This simple three-step process will help prevent fatal errors. Various hacks and overclocking software like AfterBurner can also give modules fits. If you're still having problems, search the forums for others that may have had the problem, then check the manufacturer's website to see if there are updates for your module's internal software.

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Last Reviewed:
Friday December 8, 2000

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