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PDAs becoming PC-like?

Wednesday December 6, 2000 - 2:37 PM EST - By James Hromadka

The Boston Globe has this article on an author's troubles with his Visor locking up sometimes when inserting a Springboard module. I've have had instances where removing a module caused a soft reset, but rarely have I lost data because of a Springboard module. I do take exception to this part of the article:
In theory, it's thrilling that you can now use your Visor as a modem, MP3 player, GPS, telephone, Bible reference, etc. But the difference between an open system and a closed one means that more trouble can slip in. That's in part why the closed Napster service is so much more useful and scaleable than the open rival Gnutella, at least so far. Central control is usually a bad thing -- examples for that range from the gates of the Kremlin to the gates of Microsoft, but openness means added complexity.
While it's true that anyone can develop modules for the Springboard platform, Handspring works with developers to make sure that their product is ready for the market. Napster works because there is a spirit of community, while Gnutella is "every man for himself."

In the instances where I have had problems with a module, it has always been from removing the module while it was active (playing an MP3, still online, etc) or from a particular hack. Unfortunately, the author doesn't mention what "that one module" is, so I can't offer any more suggestions.

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