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Sunday May 7, 2000 - 4:32 PM EST - By James Hromadka

IP/2V vibratingDon't you love how the Springboard module allows Visor users unlimited expandability? The only problem is that as more and more Springboard modules are introduced, there are going to be times where you want to use more than one module at a time. Enter the combo modules. InnoGear uses a form of "all-in-one" functionality in each of its new line of InnoPak Sprinboard modules. The first InnoGear product: the InnoPak/2V (IP/2V), gives you 2MB of flash memory and a silent vibrating alarm in one Springboard module.

Physical Specifications

Graphite IP/2VIce IP/2VThe IP/2V is a standard sized Springboard module that will fit inside all carrying cases. (See below for how well the vibrating alarm works in specific carrying cases.) You will know when the IP/2V is inside your Visor because it weighs 0.6 oz, but the weight doesn't make the Visor too heavy. I like the label on the IP/2V, as it is classy and doesn't have too many colors.

The IP/2V comes in two colors -- Graphite and a special Ice model that has a blue circuitboard, giving the Ice IP/2V a bluish color. This is a great idea, considering that Blue is the most popular color for the Visor Deluxe model.


When you insert the IP/2V, three new applications are accessable. Use File Mover to move/copy data from your Visor's RAM to the IP/2V's 2MB of Flash ROM. This is a great way to keep a backup of crucial information or some large files that you don't access very often. See the review of the 8MB Flash Module for details on File Mover, as the FM in the IP/2V is the same one that's in the 8MB Flash Module.

InnoPak ConfigurationAs for the vibrating alarm, enabling it is easy. Run the IP Conf application, tap Vibrating, then OK. All alarms will sound for 2-11 seconds (depending on your audible alarm) before you can acknowledge them. In the Palm OS, the alarm sounds before you can tap the Ok button, and some of the default alarms take longer than others, so the vibrating alarm time length will vary. Below is a table of the approximate length of time that the alarm will vibrate for each of the audible alarms on the Visor. Adjust as necessary to suit your preference.
Alarm name
Vibrating time (sec.)
Alarm 6
Alert 6
Bird 3.5
Concerto 8.5
Phone 11
Sci-fi 2
Wake up 8.5

InnoPak TestThere is also an IP Test application you can use to make sure that the vibrating alarm is working -- or to pretend that your Visor is a razor and amaze your friends. Maybe one day McRazor will work with the IP/2V.:-)

So how well does the IP/2V work when inside the various cases for the Visor? The IP/2V vibrates well enough that it should work in almost any case, but just to be sure, I tested it inside some of the cases that I have. The Rhodiana Visor case, RhinoSkin RhinoSuit, any Handspring case, the E&B Slipper Visor, and the Ti Slider all work great with the IP/2V. The only cases that I saw that didn't work too well with the IP/2V were the Otter Box cases, although I could still hear the IP/2V vibrating inside those cases.

One thing I should mention is that although the IP/2V has a vibrating alarm, the alarm is not completely silent, and is louder than a vibrating pager. If you keep your Visor in a case the noise is muffled, so that it is slightly louder than the average vibrating pager and shouldn't disturb others in a meeting. It would have been nice if this hardware worked in other applications, as I can never get too much solitaire or Tetris in a meeting!:-)

As I said earlier, the IP/2V is the first in a line of Springboard modules that, according to InnoGear, will include "enhanced beaming, Internet connectivity, voice recording, and more." The idea of a combo module is a great one, as many power users wish they could use more than one Springboard module at a time. The IP/2V is priced competitively price for a hardware device, and hopefully we will see more and more Springboard modules that come in at less than $50.

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Product Details
Name: InnoPak/2V
Company: Innogear
Size: 2 1/8" x 2" x 5/16"
Weight: 0.6 oz.
Memory: 8K on Visor when inserted
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Price: $44.95

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