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User Opinions: Visor Edge


Thumbs Up

I've had my edge since June and have not had one single problem with it. I love the thin form factor. People that have an edge love them, the detractors it seems are usually non-owners. Very sleek, especially with the metal case. Very durable and feels solid. An Edge with a color screen and an internal memory card slot like the m505 would be the hot ticket...we'll see.

CmdrGuardKeyboard coming soon

Thumbs Up

I contacted Targus and got an answer. A keyboard for the edge will be out in October. With that news and a great offer from Dell I bought the Edge! It is simply magnicifcant. I work of art. My last visor was a Deluxe which, unfortunatly, got a cracked screen. With the Edge's durability I doubt that will happen and besides, unlike the deluxe this can fit in my pocket without looking like I'm smuggling a small child.

myvisorGood Product

Thumbs Up

For the price $299, I think the Visor Edge is a good catch.

CmdrGuardNo Targue Keyboard

Thumbs Down

I love how its more durbale than past visor and its thin size but it doesn't support a targus keyboard so it is of no use to me! I've been waiting for some time now and it seems no one is willing to make a fold out keyboard for the edge!

milicanThin Is In

Thumbs Up

I bought the edge over the other visors because of the form factor. My old PDA was a Xircom REX, but the screen broke. With the anodized aluminum case on the Edge I don't have to worry about that one anymore. Also, I love the backpack addon for the Visor so if I want my sprinboard devices I can have those too.. woohooo! Been using the Edge for 3-months and couldn't be happier. I can carry it anywhere.. and thats what I need a PDA for :)

markallisonTotally Awesome

Thumbs Up

Just bought an ibook; got a $100 of the Edge, which is now selling for $299! That makes it $199; what a deal!

NetMetroIt worth to upgrade from VDX

Thumbs Up

This Edge look and feel more substantial than in any photo. If you have VDX and would like to try Visorphone, I would recommend it. Metal case, metal button, and metal stylus do make your PDA a more durable piece of mind. I still yet have to try it out for a longer period to conclude. So far I am still satified. At $299 after $100 instant rebate from my pervious VDX, plus $99 for VisorPhone (note: tax on $499 for VP) and I sold my VDX at $150. This I call bargain, and will eagerly try it again with Handspring for color version

JimM47Just what I needed in a Visor!

Thumbs Up

I traded my VDx after 15 months of constant use--the Edge gives me exactly what I wanted: familiar operation but with a THIN profile and a hard flip cover. This really makes it convenient to carry, yet offers much of the protection of the leather case.

bobmooreSolid case and performance

Thumbs Up

I really admire this organizer after two months of use. It just feels and works better than my past two Palm devices. I carry my Edge in my pocket and the metal frame assures that I won't damage the unit when stressed. I added a GlobalAccess 56k modem and have found it very impressive when using the Blazer browser. This is a great combination that I would recommend to everyone.


Thumbs Up

Despite the springboard sleeve, I can't help but like the durability and size of the Edge.

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User Opinions

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Product Details
Name: Visor Edge
Company: Handspring
Size: 4.7" x 3.1" x 0.44"
Weight: 4.3 oz. alone; 4.9 w/ stylus;
5.8 w/ stylus & lid; 5.8 w/ stylus & slot
Processor: DragonBall VE 33 MHz
Memory: 8 MB
Ir Port: lower left side
Casing Colors: Silver, Blue, Red (all are anodized aluminum)
Price: $399.00

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Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

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Tue Oct 9 - 10:51 PM EST

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Thu Oct 4 - 1:12 AM EST

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Tue Oct 2 - 6:19 PM EST

New Portable Keyboard
Tue Oct 2 - 4:46 PM EST


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