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User Opinions: FlashPlus and FAFileMover 1.4.2

soukhov_dmitriPlugged in for 80%+ of time

Thumbs Up

Since I own EyeModule2 digital camera together with Prism free RAM became an issue to me. A lot of multimedia content requires lot of free space. Using FlashPlus allows me to be realy mobile - now I don't care how big is application or database. Some features: - ability to use module's flash memory to store favorite applications (like JBBackup to restore after hard reset) - excellent operation speed - flush form factor coupled with excellent support make it great product.


Thumbs Up

Almost totally transparent extra memory. The combo of FlashPlus and JackBack is unbeatable. Great springboard, phenomenal and continually developing software. Now, if software authors would just write their programs to read and write from/to CF, I'd be totally thrilled.

gunnarrSoftware is very innovative

Thumbs Up

Kopsis has showed good software can be written for the Visor platform. Adding the flexibility of CF cards is a must-have upgrade. Some automatic software backup functionality would be nice, but is also available elsewhere. The hardware, well, is simple and easy. Innopocket came out with the FlashPlus just as I bought a CompactFlash Adapter, and although you can send $10 and your adapter via a slow boat to China, I think that's a little risky for a small product.

gleckoVFS is the best!

Thumbs Up

Dave has worked magic in making the VFS functionality come to the Visor DLX. Thanks! If you don't have a CF adapter, you should.

yardieGreat Product ...Support is second to none

Thumbs Up

FlashPlus is great and very useful. Dave at Kopsis is awesome. He obviously knows what he is doing! Who say VFS on Palm OS 3.1 is impossible? Did I mention upgrades GALORE?

BudPritchardKopsis Rocks!!

Thumbs Up

Excellent for CF cards. Dave Kessler has been exellent for development and support. Highly recommended.

Madkins007Love it!

Thumbs Up

This is an easy to use product, although the instructions are pretty lame (there is no documentation on using CSpotRun, for example, or to tell you to delete any old FA products). I am using it with a 64MB Mr. Flash cheapo card and JackBack- it is great having this tuff ready to rock- a back-up module, and a flash module- AND space for a huge library of documents too!

dietrichbohnHey! I'm Famous!

Thumbs Up

I don't have the flashplus yet, but will probably get it now that the VFS beta is out there. Good review! I was waiting for the VC powers-that-be to chime in before I bought another adapter to replace my matchbook. Now, as soon as Kopsis' VFS is released for real, let's see a head-to-head bewteen the FlashPlus and the MemPlug!!

hxh167Excellent product.

Thumbs Up

I am using my VDX with VFS supported CF adapter right now. With Launcher III, I have plenty space on my VDX.

josher75VFS beta for Kopsis Released 6/29/2001

Thumbs Up

Just to update our excellent review. Kopsis put out its first beta release of a VFS file manager system on Friday. It works excellent in my Prism with very few bugs(only a couple-MS Mount doesn't quite work yet but I anticipate it will soon). Kopsis put out the beta early (was scheduled for 7/2/2001). I absolutely love the cabability of using several VFS enabled apps directly from the card such as McFile, SplashPhoto, Handheldmed Reader as well as several nonVFS supported files in conjunction with Launcher 2.3b3 released on Friday. Anyways this company has customer service like no other & I can't give a higher recommendation to them!!!

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Product Details
Name: FlashPlus and FAFileMover 1.4.2
Company: Innopocket

Price: $49.99

Update: Auction Update / VisorAdventure 2
Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

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Tue Oct 9 - 10:51 PM EST

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