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User Opinions: Visor Pro

bjskellyMore memory

Thumbs Up

I voted yes because I could really use the extra memory. Using the Springboard port is not an option because if my Visorphone isn't plugged into my Springboard port, then my GPS is. We do need a 16MB backup module pronto.

jclarke4look's good to me

Thumbs Up

This seem's to be the next evolutionary step in the product line. Color is not really a need for my usage although it would be nice, I really don't have a need for it.

ChewerLighten up on color

Thumbs Up

As stated earlier, I fail to why everyone complains in these forums. Judd is certainly correct in saying that forums are for opinions. However, it is dicouraging that so many people have such negative opinions. One need only look at forums at Visor Central or Palm Infocenter to see clearly that without color screens and high impact speaker systems a large percentage of palm users simply dismiss new products whether they are from Handspring, HandEra, Palm or Sony. PDA's need not come in the same size, packaging or with the same options in order to be useful, viable products. Too often, it seems, that color is the sole reason people buy these products. My point continues to be that not everyone plays games or views photos on their pda. Therefore color is not an essential component in the buying decision. To dismiss Handsrping's efforts to put out quality products, and to critcize the lack of innovation simply because one does not have a personal use for an item seems shortsighted. In order for companies like HS and Palm to continue innovating they must have a srong core business to generate revenue. HS is doing that with mid-level products like the Deluxe and Platinum and now the Neo and Pro. Without that revenue they cannot hope to have the R & D resources to innovate. My opinion, Judd, is that everyone should lighten up a bit in these forums and applaud companies like HS for putting out great products even if they don't have color screens or some other new, innovative option.

truman48Get a Sony!!

Thumbs Down

Since I now can sync a sony to my Mac, I bought my wife a Sony 320 which is THE best deal for a monochrome low-end PDA that has OS4 and a rechargable battery. I bought the 610, which has an awsome color screen in the dark or in sunlight. Memorystick access is no problem and is significantly cheaper than SD. My Sony benchmarks at 214 compared to 204 in a platnum.

mtnlyaA New Platinum

Thumbs Down

It looks to me like the Visor Pro is just a fancier Visor Platinum. What's the point? My Platinum and Memplug still does the same thing. Why didn't Handspring make it in color? That's what I'm wondering!

JuddNot much to like

Thumbs Down

So, it has 16MB... A number of companies have already been doing these upgrades for many months. I've had a number of Palm,Inc. devices and am currently looking for a color model. Looks like the only real option is a Sony (if I stay with Palm OS). Why doesn't Handspring show more innovation with color devices? Chewer and others should lighten up and note that this forum is for "opinions" -- is it so difficult to understand that not everyone thinks the way that you do?

tritanpreach it Chewer

Thumbs Up

I agree with Chewer, having 16meg out of the box is excellent. For business monochrome is the only way to go.Color is nice but big hit with the wallet and battery life. I am glad to see someone with the same thoughts as me Chewer.

ChewerNo More Color Comments

Thumbs Up

Why is everyone so obsessed with color screens? These are replacements for two really great monchrome units. With the discontinuation of the Deluxe and Platinum, Handspring must have quality, mid level, products in order to compete. Color screens are not a necessity and why anyone, with the exception of gamers, would use color as a criteria for purchase of a mid level unit is beyond me. I've had two color PDA's, (Prism & M505), and was so impressed with the color aspect that I now use an Edge and a Platinum. I am a sales executive not a Game Boy user and want a handheld to use for business applications not to play Zap2000. Is color nice, yes. My wife loves her Prism and my daughter thinks her 505 is cool. However, for most mid level and power users color is a pain. The screens are difficult to read and a huge drain on power cells. The Pro seems like a great unit. I for one will be purchasing one for each of my 77 sales people tomorrow morning. As for those of you who are worried that the Pro and Neo are not "revolutionary" products, get over it. Once again, they are replacements not the next step in handheld computing. Why does everyone get in these forums and critize? I have purchased Compaq's, Palm's and Handspring's for my people and can tell you, with out a doubt, that Handspring is the best company I've worked with. As for revolutionary products, since there have only been a few in the handheld arena, (Newton, Palm Pilot, Visor, and possibly the iPaq), lets not use that as a criteria to judge new products. Way to go Handspring, keep up the great work!

lonesniperHolding out for colour and sound

Thumbs Down

It's nice to see that Handspring is doing something in the research labs, but until colour and sound are on a visor (like the clie), I ain't upgrading.


Thumbs Up

Would color be nice? yes it neccessary? not in all applications. I think everyone is being a little harsh, there replacements, nothing more.

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Product Details
Name: Visor Pro
Company: Handspring
Palm OS: 3.5.2H3
Processor: 33 MHz Dragonball VZ
Memory: 16 MB
Colors: Silver
Size: 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"
Weight: 5.7 oz.
Price: $299.00

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