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User Opinions: Handspring Modem

soukhov_dmitriVery useful device

Thumbs Up

I own the modem for a couple of months. Very useful device. Only one drawback - embedded software isn't very informative. It hardly notifies me when batteries are empty. But using two sets of NiMH AAA's correct the problem :)

theflythe wor4ld is now in the plam of my hand

Thumbs Up

I got mine yesterday and for $40 it works great. It is fast on pages designed for a pda. I can read my email without a email client on

ProjectZeroNow that it's at a closeout price of less than $40 ($30 in some places) it's a deal...

Thumbs Up

...if all you're after is retrieving POP3 and sending SMTP. AvantGo and web browsing is a tad on the slow side but for the price, you cannot beat it.

VoxDeiWell, it works

Thumbs Up

The best that can be said for the modem is that it works and that it comes with it's own power supply. With the other modems on the market now, I can't imagine that the HS modem will survive. It lacks integrated software and isn't as fast as what else is available. I'm glad I've got a modem, but if I were buying one now, I doubt I'd buy this one.

Prism LoverSince Wireless Modems Aren't Ready for Primetime, Handspring's Wireline Modem is Great!

Thumbs Up

Bought Omnisky Service and used it for a day. It was terrible. Reception problems galore. Returned it and bought Handspring's wireline modem. It works well. Some of the other reviews here are critical of its size. The benefit of this modem is its build-in battery which doesn't drain your Handpring's internal battery. Others were critical of the size if you keep it attached all the time. Not a problem for me. I don't want the added weight of any modem attached all the time. When I'm on the road and want to retreive email, I pop the modem on and get my email and it works perfectly. OH and be SURE to download the free Blazer Browser ( as it is GREAT! Loads webpages fast and in color!

JimWhat can I say? It works!

Thumbs Up

It works perfectly. My visor still manages to fit in the slip case with the modem in,but there is a noticable bulge at the top. It didn't ruin the case, either. The modem works great with AOL For Palm, a fax program, and for a little while, I could browse the web with a Free ISP. (AOL doesn't support palm web browsing, and probably won't for a while) I now use SpeedyLink, an email-based web browser. 33.6 isn't a fine speed for email and Instant Messages, and worked well for web browsing.

AnonymousGlad I didn't wait for the 6...

Thumbs Up

Sure, it is a little large - but it works well with Avantgo, Blazer, ICQ and other mesenger services. I dislike the drain other modules put on my visor batteries (easier to change on the module than the visor) so the size is actually a nice trade off.

BillWorks Fine!

Thumbs Up

I returned my THINCOM modem (for its non-existent battery life) and upgraded to the Visor Modem. Shorter on features, but longer on battery life. Would like to see all modem manufactures include another small connector and conversion cables for a REAL RS-232 port (like WHY is that SOOO difficult?) and include a VT-100 terminal emulator program (so add a few bux to the cost). This modem could use some decent included software... especially a FAX program. Otherwise, most any web browser I tried works great (Avantgo, Eudora Web, PalmScape, etc...). I am still on the original included batteries after a few hours worth of surfing. I don't regret returning that THINCOM battery depletion module (modem) and 10 DAY TIME-LIMIT DEMO programs for a better Handsring modem -one bit!

CrazedVWDecent modem but lacks software

Thumbs Up

I've been really impressed by this modem. Size factor doesn't bother me much although it would be nice if I didn't have to carry it seperately. I was also disapointed that Mail and Browser software was not included.

FredReally nice

Thumbs Up

I switched from palm IIIxe to the visor (gave the IIIxe to the wife). The Palm modem is really big. The handspring modem fits neatly in the slot and acts as a nice angled stand when you lay the visor on the desk. I think the only way it could be made smaller is if it took it's power from the visor, which would really suck because it would drain the visor bat. really quick. But really it is not big or heavy at all, I love it, handspring did a good job.

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Product Details
Name: Handspring Modem
Company: Handspring
Size: 4 1/8" x 2 15/16" x 1 1/16"
Weight: 1.8 oz. w/batt.
Memory: 0K on Visor when inserted
Hard Cover Compatible: No
Price: $129.95

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