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User Opinions: My-Vox Voice Recorder HS1

Anonymous'Had to have voice! Competition-worse!

Thumbs Up

It's still a diamond in the rough, but I could not work efficiently w/out voice recording any longer. The background sound is somewhat annoying, but ask yourself "Do I want to record to hear my beautiful voice or do I need to get my thoughts recorded _somehow_ on the fly. (Graffiti @ 65 mph is dangerous!) I've found that 8 minutes is adiquate since making short recordings (ie: single "to-do's") is the best way to get things OFF my "my vox" list and act on them. The lack of a beep at start and end of a recording is inexcusable, and 8 minutes is a bit weak. Yet for me, the purchase has been worth it, even at $70. The "Total Recall" unit is bulky, expenive, and offers no palm OS application... it simply piggyback's the visor. Shinei Technologies really ought to reward early adopters of their priduct with a break on the upgrade... I'd sing their praises with my handsome tenor... are you listening Shinei?

AnonymousFine, but with acknowledged limitations

Thumbs Up

The "mechanical noise" is the worst part of the whole thing. Well, then there's the reduced battery life . . .

YerragGets Job Done!

Thumbs Up

What most of the reviews here have dwelled on is the absence of features in the my-vox. But in reality its great feature is that it does not over-complicate your need for just a simple note or reminder, recorded with your own voice. If it does well in this regard, then it is worth it. And it does! Never mind it has only 8 minutes, as compared to Total Recall's 1.5 hour. I hardly use up the 8 minutes anyway. If you review like a packrat and want to have everything available just in case the need arises, go with Total Recall. If you want basic voice note and remind capability, this is the unit for you! In addition, this unit will NOT consume your battery, as other reviewers have wrongly mischaracterized it. And it is not obtrusive. It fits nicely into the Springboard slot, and does not jut out. I am glad I got this unit as it did works well with my Rhodiana case, which is the best case you'll ever have. If I had gotten Total Recall, it would not have fit with the Rhodiana case. Give this unit a spin. Damn the negative reviews, after all you can return it within 30 days. Make sure you have a Handspring Visor that does not have a bug in its voice subsystem. Call Handspring, give them your serial number, and they will tell you if it needs to be replaced by them free of charge.

minddrifterWhy are you deleting my comments?

Thumbs Up

This review area is rigged! I've posted twice and my comments never show up. What a farce!

minddrifterWorks great for short reminders/thoughts.

Thumbs Up

I had a very early unit of Handspring, one which has a defective voice interface. It caused the my-vox to not work well. After informing my-vox my problem, they suggested my requesting a replacement of the Visor unit thru Handspring. Handspring was very happy to comply, and I got a good new Visor deLuxe replacement. Together with my-vox voice recorder, they work very well. Voice is clear and loud enough, it does not eat up my battery, and what works great is its alarm feature. I use it to remind me when an ebay auction is going to end, and have my own voice remind me an hour before the auction ends. Randy Alarcon, of Shinei, was my correspondent at Shinei, and he was extremely helpful in resolving the issue. What I wish Handspring would have done is spare me the trouble of having issues, by informing me of the defect in their unit, instead of having Shinei inform me that the Visor unit I own is defective. So users who have given poor reviews of my-Vox should keep in mind the possibility that the Visor unit they own could be defective, especially the early builds. I ordered my Visor the very first day Handspring started taking orders thru the web.

MVPSLHAlready returned mine

Thumbs Down

One reason for buying a Visor in the first place was the promise of a voice recorder module. I ordered the My-Vox as soon as it appeared (before seeing the Targus was available). I found the "mechanical" background noise mentioned by the reviewer to be very annoying. This is supposed to be digital, after all. In the first two weeks I had it, it completely drained the batteries and wiped out all my data. This may be because record button on the top of the unit was accidently bumped on in my bag, but the first time it happened I had left the Visor sitting on a desk overnight with everything turned off. Another caution is trying to remover the module if the unit is on - I mistakenly thought it was hot-swappable like a USB connection. That also wiped out all my data, as I couldn't even do a hard reset, but had to take out the batteries in order get the Visor to work again. Needless to say, I shipped this back Palm Gear. Perhaps this was rushed to market before all the bugs were attended to. I'm looking forward to hearing a review of the Targus recorder - or even better, testing one out in the store - before making my next purchase.

Charles BathrowShinei could've done better!

Thumbs Down

If you want real recording, go for Targus's, or Innogear's upcoming SixPak.. or damnit, PocketPC!

NumManDO the MATH

Thumbs Down

Targus = 1.5 hrs (right?) for what, $199? Shinei = 8 min. for $69 If Shinei gave you 1.5 hrs. it would come out to like $1,000 or something, right?

jberneckMy Prism does NOT fit

Thumbs Down

I fooled with the My-Vox and I am OK with all the other shortcomings of the unit (i.e. limited recoding length, use of other applications, etc.). I simply wanted a quick and dirty way to take a quick note. Especially since using Bug-me on the highway has proven dangerous. However, the My-Vox was thick enough around the earphone hole to not allow use of any of my cases. It's going back to Amazon.

ShyBetter and Cheaper Alternative

Thumbs Down

The interactive features are nice but this product still needs work. The Palm Version goes for $55.00 in the iGo catalog. Why not buy one of these and attach it to the Visor with the new Flip-Clip. You give up some nice interactive features but you maintain the ability to listen to your messages while accessing other visor applications.

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Name: My-Vox Voice Recorder HS1
Company: Shinei Technologies

Price: $69.95

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