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User Opinions: eyemodule2

mrknowitallA sight for sore eyemodules

Thumbs Up

A great springboard! It doesn't hurt to try the product before you knock it. Excellent and exceeded my expectations! This one's a keeper. If you have a Prism, you'll want to take advantage of this. You bought a Visor to use the springboard. Yet another visorgasm brought to you by mr. kia.

JoeNeat is not worth $200!

Thumbs Down

While the form and function of the eyemodule2 is very cool, I just can't justify spending $199 for something that will never really measure up to the level of a current digital camera at the same price. If the cost was under $100, I believe that a lot more of these things would sell. Until then, it's simply not worth the money.

eyebrowseA Sequel Better than the Original

Thumbs Up

The eyemodule 2 is a great improvement over the first, the higher resolution, better imaging technology and movie modes alone worth the extra bucks. I can see why the EM1 will remain on the market, but I personally feel if you're going to spring for one, the jump to the other isn't that hard to make. We all can come up with things that could be added, and are hopefully planned should there be an EM3 -- but the EM2 is everything it's advertised to be, and addressed first and foremost the biggest problem folks had with the original module - grainy, postage-stamp-sized pictures. A 640x480 image is more than enough to send great shots by e-mail to friends. (And because of the better technology, often takes less Visor memory than an EM1 image at half that resolution.) And the ability to take short movies and have them come right out as QuickTime digital files means a lot to a magnetic-media distrusting, overly memory-addicted parent like me.

Sean BerryPicture quality is still poor - no discount for EM1 buyers

Thumbs Down

I have an EM1 and find it to be okay for photos that I don't plan on printing, but the quality is pretty poor for printing. The EM2 really doesn't look that much better. For $200 you can get a decent 1 megapixel digital camera. I might consider it if I could trade the EM1 for the EM2 and pay the difference or a little more, but it's definitely not worth $200.

John K.Poor Picture Quality!

Thumbs Down

I purchased the EM2 on Tuesday the 20th. It goes back to CompUSA today. The picture quality is unacceptable except for shots taken in strong light. Your $200 would be much better applied towards a "real" digital camera.

BretThe most fun I've had with my Prism!

Thumbs Up

One useful (if not obvious) tip...If you keep your Prism memory pretty full (like I do) there's not much room for photos (much less movies). Backup the contents of your Prism on a Backup Module befor you insert the EM2, then clear your memory to make room for big photo sessions. Transfer your photos to a memory module then restore from the backup module after you're finished playing photographer. This approach helps get around the lack of storage capacity in the EM2. Happy clicking!

User Opinions

Thumbs Up  69% Thumbs Down 31%

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Product Details
Name: eyemodule2
Company: Blocks Products
Weight: 1.1 oz.
Color: Yes (16-bit)
Hard Cover Compatible: No
Price: $199.00

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