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User Opinions: InnoPocket and FAFileMover


Thumbs Up

I just got the replacement for the adapter with the "Fatal exception" problem. I have to admit that I was way too harsh on Innopocket. I emailed them and they sent me a replacement right away. They even gave me a UPS freight collect code to send the faulty adapter back! Excellent service! The replacement works like a charm. I've been using this for a day now and I think it rocks. Please ignore my earlier comments. I feel like an idiot.

ClementCelebrate to Product from Hong Kong

Thumbs Up

Wondering that this is a product made in Hong Kong.

karthiFatal Exception

Thumbs Down

I get a "fatal exception" error when I try my Sandisk 64MB CF card. I don't think it's the card because it's supposed to be one of the compatible cards from Kopsis' website. Besides, if a Sandisk card doesn't work, then nothing should work! I went to the Flashadapter forum on Yahoo and noticed that there were a lot of posts concerning problems with the Innopocket adapter. If only I had bothered to check that out before purchasing the adapter. I've e-mailed Innopocket support (they don't have a number that I can call); wonder what they're going to say... I would suggest that people stay away from this adapter - buy the Matchbook product or the Memplug. The VisorCentral reviewer must've gotten his hands on one of the few working Innopocket adapters!

SteveMore Storage!!

Thumbs Up

Works well with my 16MB Kodak card and my 48MB SanDisk.

Dalenot a backup

Thumbs Down

It looks like this is the best CF available for the Visor but without a little rom inside it is worthless as a backup since if you visor crashes you lose the driver. I will wait until someone has the sense to include enough rom to hold the driver. To me this is a serious limitation not even mentioned in the review which implies that you can use this for backup.


Thumbs Up

The best CF adapter. Beat Matchbookdrive.

KenA good, solid fit & easy to use

Thumbs Up

This is one of the Springboards I've been hoping to see. Having the ability to carry up to 192mb of data without any add'l. bulk to the Visor will let me leave the laptop home more often. Now they need to figure out how to access this card for RAM...

boriquaMy first and last module

Thumbs Up

From order to receive 1.5 weeks. Use pny 32mb flash and works flawlessly. It comes in a package with a tiny cd rom from kopsis. Fafilemover is great. If only they could run applications right off the card.

Big TomNeed more memory? Get one!

Thumbs Up

I received mine yesterday. I think it took just over a week to get. It is replacing my MatchbookDrive MD-001 since the InnoPocket holds the CF flush with the Visor housing. Nice to have lots of room on my Visor now.

SullivanRecieved it in 10 days.

Thumbs Up

My 64mb Kodak card doesn't work, but my 8mb card is just fine. The adapter fits great and looks good. I didn't get any other email after the order confirmation so I wasn't expecting this morning, but it arrived via UPS Express Pak. Good product.

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User Opinions

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Product Details
Name: InnoPocket and FAFileMover
Company: InnoPocket

Price: $39.99

Update: Auction Update / VisorAdventure 2
Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

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Tue Oct 9 - 10:51 PM EST

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