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User Opinions: Handspring Backup Module

theicepickA must have!

Thumbs Up

Even if you aren't travelling with no way to Hotsync, this module is worth every penny. You can't do a full backup on the Flash Module, and hotsyncing after a crash doesn't return all your applications that you lost. Spend the $40. It backs up everything in about 2 minutes. Now there is a software app add-on that allows you to schedule backups. Something that should have been included by HS.

mysterieVery recommended!

Thumbs Up

Very good and useful module. Easy to use and backs up fairly quickly. I am hesitant about the $40 for this module but for most people it's a good module to have. I do recommend one of the other external memory modules (Memplug, FlashPlus) as they are about $10 more with more expandibility and usefulness as they offer backup utilities along with other features.

AnonymousPerfer flash module

Thumbs Down

I would like to buy the flash module

bookratsSimple, safe and cheap -- what more could you want?

Thumbs Up

I use BackupBuddy as well -- but if I'm taking my Visor on the road, or am about to do something tricky with the software configuration, this app is the tops. Only recommendation: switch off hacks before backing up.

Soul RavenEssential module

Thumbs Up

They should bump the price of the Visor $40 and include this with every one. It's that important.

Be CarefulCrashes while backing up

Thumbs Down

I've run into a very sinister flaw with this module - it freezes during a backup and must be hard reset, losing everything back to the last backup/hotsync. I have no hacks or any other crap to interfere with its operation.

KalrandWhy I own a Visor

Thumbs Up

The Backup module is what truely seperates the Visors from the Palms. If you own a Visor than you owe it to your self to buy the Backup Module. 4 saves and counting.

BearPerforms as advertised

Thumbs Up

Great module that simply does what it is supposed to do.

AnonymousDon't think, but it

Thumbs Up

If you are reading this review, then chances are you are also installing third party apps. These are not always reliable. The backup module has saved my butt so many times from crashes. No desktop backup solution perfectly restores my Launcher settings, folder tabs, organization, and all my other prefs. The module seamlessly restores EVERYTHING. It is a perfect image of your Visor. It is a STEAL at $40.

thisisside5You don't have one yet!?!?

Thumbs Up

This was my 1st springboard module. I have seen frieds loose it all with their Palms. I rest easier knowing I'll never have that kicked-in-the-nuts look on my face!

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Product Details
Name: Handspring Backup Module
Company: Handspring
Size: 2.05"x2.126"x0.33"
Weight: 0.6 oz.
Memory: 0K on Visor when inserted
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Price: $39.95

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