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User Opinions: Thinmodem Plus

Bob TughanGreat Modem

Thumbs Down

I just got my modem last week. It just works the way it's supposed to (kind of a nice touch). One thing though, this modem will not support rotary dialing (yes some people still have rotary).

AnonymousProbably the best overall module out there!

Thumbs Up

I just got the thinmodem + as my first springboard module, and i love it!! THe extra 8mb are very useful, and the ability to check e-mail anywhere is quite handy. My only complaint is that you cannot browse the internet with the browser if you use AOL, but you can download a AOL Anywhere 2.0 so that you can check you e-mail and chat. Still, a great product

AnonymousI like this module and how easy it is to use.

Thumbs Up


Bob KToo nice!

Thumbs Up

I'm writing this from my Visor right now. A great modem AND 8 megs of Flash which quite a few apps run from...this can't be beat!

AnonymousSmall and easy to use

Thumbs Up

the most compact moderm for visor

PhilA great module!

Thumbs Up

My 'standard' module used to be an 8-meg card. Now the ThinModem+ meets my needs perfectly! I have a modem always at hand, and I still have the 8-meg that I used to have. Who could ask for more?

PathdocGreat Module!!!!

Thumbs Up

I have been very impressed!! Great software bundle(especially USB Mover), minimal battery drain when not in use, easy setup and use, and reasonable battery drain when connected. Be warned about one thing, remove the module when hotsyncing. I have noticed a system synchronization error if I do not. CardAccess says they are working on it.

RonnielcGood Product

Thumbs Up

I owned the old one and it worked fine. This one is great, faster and the memory is useful. If only wireless were so reliable.

PimpBot 5000Nice Module - Fast & Reliable

Thumbs Up

I've been extremely pleased. 8 Megs of Flash is plenty for any Net apps you might want.

Potussounds good but...

Thumbs Down

Can it be used with the Mac platform? If file move is not Mac compatible, is it still useful or is another modem preferable?

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User Opinions

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Product Details
Name: Thinmodem Plus
Company: Card Access
Size: 2.25" x 2.125" x 0.30"
Weight: 2.9 oz.
Memory: 32 K on Visor when inserted
Color: No
Desktop Conduit: None
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Price: $149.00

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