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STYLUS+ 4-way Multi-purpose pen
Friday January 28, 2000 - 8:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

STYLUS+Every once in a while you see a product that makes you scratch your head and say "how do they do that?"  The first thing you’ll do when you pick up the STYLUS+ 4-way Multi-purpose pen is take it apart so you can figure out how it magically decides which pen to use.

The STYLUS+ has four different types of writing instruments that are selected based on how the STYLUS+ is held.  The pen itself is mostly aluminum, with a black section that has ridges for an easier grip; there is also some gold trim.

The STYLUS+ website has all kinds of options for what goes into the pen.  Pick and choose four writing instruments from the following:
Black ink Pink highlighter
Blue ink Orange stylus tip
Red ink Grey stylus tip (extra)
Orange highlighter Yellow stylus tip (extra)

You can also get replacement erasers and even a replacement cap in case you lose it.  All of the bases covered as far as options go.


The STYLUS+ is very easy to use.  The pen has four color-coded sides.  Hold the pen horizontally with the color you want facing up, then click the pen for the desired instrument to come out.  When you are done writing, press the black button on the pocket clip to retract the pen.  The ink flows very smoothly and does not smear.  The pencil is refilled like the Pilot Pentopia 2+1 but does not have any problems with replacing the lead or any of the ink refills.

The stylus comes in three colors (orange/grey/yellow) and makes writing much easier on the Visor.  The pen is weighted very nicely, and  I have found that handwriting recognition increases because of the added weight and the better tip.  I also like the fact that the STYLUS+ is as thick as normal pens.  The highlighter is similar to a felt-tip pen, so it is better suited for underlining.

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Product Details
Name: STYLUS+ 4-way Multi-purpose pen
Company: STYLUS+
Size: 5˝"x3/8"
Weight: 1.2 oz.
Refill: 0.5mm pencil, 83340 Red, 83343 Black, 83344 Blue
Fits Visor: No
Price: $19.99

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