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Handspring 8 MB Flash Module
Wednesday November 24, 1999 - 8:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

More Memory

Moving programs and data between the Visor and the module is a breeze. Check the desired programs and/or data files then tap the Move or Copy button. A screen will show the current application that is being moved/copied, the overall progress, and show a warning against removing the springboard. The process does not take very long for a few files, but copying everything over takes sometime. Data transfer is right at 1MB/min. Canceling in the middle of a transfer leaves the files already transferred alone and stops the process. Deleting from the module is not immediate either, but takes much less time.

Remember that programs that have data that changes should leave the data on the Visor. Because of this, File Mover warns you when moving any Prefs file to the module. I was also warned when moving over DOC files. Handspring also says that not every program will be able to read data properly from the8MB module. There should not be any problems as long as the data does not need to be modified.

A word about battery consumption-- when running programs or accessing data on the 8MB module, there was not any noticeable battery drain. Moving data to/from the 8MB module will consume more of the batteries. It is not terrible, but I did notice my battery drop 10% after moving several megabytes of data back and forth.

Working with Programs

Apps screenshotTo see how well programs could be ran from the 8MB module, I moved MyBible, CSpotRun, and all Bible data and DOC files I had over to the module. They ran perfectly and showed no difference in speed. As I mentioned earlier, these programs since they are in flash will have a square bullet next to them. I noticed that Launcher III displayed some programs that were not in flash. This may be because LauncherIII caches icons. When I moved the CSpotRun and MyBible programs back to the Visor and left the data on the module, they read the data without a hitch. This can be very convenient for keeping data on the module that you do not use often but want to access quickly. Keep all of your fun etexts, rarely used maps, etc. on the 8MB module and drop it in when you go ont hat long trip.


The 8MB Flash Module is a very handy springboard that allows you to carry data that you may not have been able to otherwise. Moving/copying data is easy to do, and the FileMover program is very easy to pick up -- in fact, the manual is only three pages. The 8MB Flash Module is not designed to be used strictly for backup purposes. However, by using Select All and copying data over one could accomplish this if necessary. The only things that could be improved upon are adding a Backup/restore for modified files and improving data transfer speed. Is it worth the $79.95? If you need the extra space -- definitely. This is the perfect springboard for users that want to carry more data on their Visor.



Features 5
Ease of Use 4
Setup 4
Benefit/Cost 3
(not an average)
Easy to use
Standard size
Very customizable
Data transfer a little slow
Minor display bug after sorting
External label distorts Visorís sleek look

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Handspring 8 MB Flash Module
>More Memory

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Product Details
Name: Handspring 8 MB Flash Module
Company: Handspring
Weight: 0.6 oz.
Memory: 3K on Visor when inserted
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Price: $79.95

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