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Padded PDA Case
Sunday October 15, 2000 - 7:54 PM EST - By James Hromadka

empty PDA caseAre you looking for a case that can hold the Visor and your cash?  Do you mind velcro?  Then check out the Brenthaven Padded PDA case.


This case is the sturdiest canvas case that I have ever seen.  There are no external pockets, but inside there are two pockets for pens, a slot for an ID card, and two more pockets for cash, etc. on the left side.  The case doesn't expose the Visor at all when closed thanks to a zipper.

The Visor is secured by 4 small velcro patches.  Although I hate velcro, these small patches are less intrusive and seem better suited to the Visor.  Since the Visor has a Springboard slot, you cannot put any velcro in that area.  Using these small patches allows you to secure the Visor more effectively without putting Velcro on the battery cover or Springboard slot.  The Visor can be attached to any part of the right side of the case, which also has an extra pocket.


stuff in caseI hate the idea of using velcro in a case, so I recommend using the Visor's hard cover to attach to the Velcro and use the hard cover to secure the Visor.  I like the secure feeling that this case offers -- similar to the Showtime by Ronco, you "zip it and forget it!" :-)  This is a great case for students that want to toss it in their backpacks without worrying about crushing the Visor.  Brenthaven makes an entire line of computer cases, and it shows in the security that their PDA case offers.

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Product Details
Name: Padded PDA Case
Company: Brenthaven
Size: 4" x 6-3/4" x 1""
Weight: 4.4 oz.
Ir in Case: No
HotSync in Case: No
Case Type: Canvas
Held by: Velcro
Price: $39.50

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