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Tuesday January 30, 2001 - 11:49 PM EST - By James Hromadka

FitalyStamp overlayDoes Graffiti annoy you sometimes?  Do you find yourself using the on-screen keyboard more than Graffiti because you can't remember how to draw a # symbol?  Then check out FitalyStamp, an overlay sheet for your Visor that takes the guesswork out of handwriting recognition.

Physical Specifications

The FitalyStamp is an overlay that goes directly over the bottom portion of your Visor's screen.  FitalyStamp covers the entire Graffiti area as well as the on-screen buttons of your Visor.  The FitalyStamp package includes an installation floppy, a twelve page manual, and four overlays.

The Overlay

I took typing lessons for a semester during Junior High School, and it has paid of for me in spades. So too will FitalyStamp benefit any user once they practice this very different form of writing.  Installation of the software was easy.  Use the included install application or uncompress the .zip or .sit file.  Run the one time FS Status application to complete the software registration.

You can have a standalone FitalyStamp application or a hack extension.  I used the hack extension in this review as I already have Hackmaster on my Visor Prism.  You don't configure FitalyStamp inside Hackmaster; instead, tap the i symbol to configure a host of options for FitalyStamp.

The old on-screen icons are now in a green vertical row on the left side of FitalyStamp.  Tapping the keyboard () icon turns FitalyStamp on/off.  The second column has an on-screen number/symbol pad (the 123 icon) and the configuration screen (the i icon).  That wacky Fitaly keyboard layout is prominently in the middle of the overlay.

The wrong way to write down your bowling scoresFurther to the right is the number pad, which also shares some punctuation symbols.  Tap to insert the punctuation -- tap and "slide" to insert a number (you can swap these functions if you prefer).  Sliding is the core of what makes FitalyStamp fast.  Basically you tap-and-drag slightly in any direction to produce a different effect.  Sliding on an alpha character produces a capital letter.  You can also customize FitalyStamp to allow special international characters when sliding in a certain direction.

One nifty option for power users is half-cells.  This lets you not need to slide to write when using the punctuation/numbers portion of the overlay and also lets you use sliding when drawing accents (very handy when writing the word Pokémon :-)).  You will need to adjust the placement of the FitalyStamp overlay to where it's slightly higher on the Visor's screen if you will be using half-cells. Click here for details on half-cells.  There are plenty of other options, like arranging the on-screen numbers in phone or calculator format.

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Product Details
Name: FitalyStamp
Company: Textware Solutions
Memory: 35 K
Price: $35.00 (Full package), $15.00 (Four refills)

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