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User Opinions: MemPlug

volcanopeleGreat memory solution even for VDX

Thumbs Up

This a great memory module even for the VDX. It runs perfectly and combined with Launcher III, I can run programs off of it.

acajigasBest Memory Option in the World.

Thumbs Up

I have a Visor Prism with a 32MB SM card. I have no problems using it with PiDirect. I just love it 100% and I would never leave home without it. Now, I only have 3MB of free space in my SM card.

chilepinesCannot access database, so what good is it?

Thumbs Down

I was very disappointed to find out that the 1MB database that I transferred from my Visor main memory to the SMCard could not be accessed without moving it back to the Visor. This process takes about 2 minutes to complete which makes it completely useless for my needs. As another reviewer commented, this was not at all clear from the review of MemPlug on this site. As much as I like my Visor and the Palm OS, if they don't solve this quickly, we'll all be using Pocket PC's before too long.

Chucks9886Fatal exception!

Thumbs Down

Got the memplug, have a prism. Downloaded their updater software and a nightmare since then. Support has been responsive, but to no avail. Have tried two cards and still fatal alert! reset! And, I can't reset it without pulling out the smartmedia card! Sending back to Palm gear til they can work out the bugs.

BerylBetter Backup Module

Thumbs Up

As mentioned before, this product is worth the money just to get a full backup. For $10 more, you not only have a full backup (unfortunately, I can attest that it fully restores) you can access up to 128 MB of data. After purchasing an inexpensive adapter for my workstation, I can copy data, move files, and create directories more conveniently than hotsyncing. Even if PiDirect does not deliver direct access to programs and read/only data, I must recommend this module -- if only for storing rarely used data and programs.

DaleanddeniseNot good for Palm OS 3.1

Thumbs Down

Remember those little sliding puzzles you had as a kid. You know, the ones where you had to slide the numbered tiles around until they were in numerical order? That's what the mem plug is like. You put your programs on the mem plug. You want to use one? You have to move it back to the internal memory. Don't have enough room for it? You'll have to move a larger file from the internal memory back to the mem plug...well, you get the idea. So, Portable Innovation has a cure. They are going to be SELLING, (yes, you'll have to pay for it) a program (Pi Direct) that will allow you to launch your programs directly from the mem plug. Or, you can test a beta version for free. Ain't that sweet? Yeah, if you are running Palm 3.5. There are a lot of us out here still running Palm 3.1. Guess we are just left out in the cold. UGH!!

AnonymousGreat Cost Saver

Thumbs Up

Took only minutes to set up, and reads my 8meg and 32 meg cards. I can now load programs onto the cards with my floppy disk adapter instead of doing a hot sync. I got the 32 meg card for $50 versus a 8 meg card from Handspring for $80. Great Product.

One of the original Visor DX ownersGreat Product

Thumbs Up

This is a great Module. It will be amazing if they can get it to run programs off the SM card. By the way, what's up with all the people voting thumbs down when they mean thumbs up?

AnonymousToo good

Thumbs Up

Just too good.

Dananother reason Visor is superior to Palm

Thumbs Up

What a great product at a great price...but give it the ability to run programs

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Product Details
Name: MemPlug
Company: Portable Innovation

Price: $49.95

Update: Auction Update / VisorAdventure 2
Thu Oct 11 - 12:05 AM EST

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Tue Oct 9 - 10:51 PM EST

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Tue Oct 2 - 6:19 PM EST

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