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User Opinions: Visor Pro

toymakerUpdated review- I got a Prism instead

Thumbs Down

I returned my pro and bought a Prism. It's in color and it's much faster than the pro. If you want extra memory get a memory module of some kind. Even if they came out with a color 16MB unit I wouldn't get one until the processors can handle the extra memory with speed.


Thumbs Up

After my Visor Deluxe met with an accident, I was ready to replace it with the same. After all, it was only 4 months old and I was a newbie. However, I am a data geek -- and the space was worth the expense. It's a nice intermediate that will tide me over until the Edge is 16 MB with color.

toymakerGreat for memory but very Slow

Thumbs Down

I really like the extra memory but running benchmark the pro comes in at 162% vs 204% for the platinum, afterburner can only do so much. The improved li-ion battery is a plus but handspring needs to get a clue and listen better to their users needs.

cyberry16 MB backup module available!

Thumbs Up

re some of the other comments - Handspring now has a 16 MB backup module available for the Pro, for less than twice the price of the 8 MB (which makes sense). check the handspring website. i am seriously considering buying a Pro (i have a 1-yr old Deluxe). it's not the most exciting PDA in history - but it doesn't have to be. it is what it is - those looking for speed, rechargeability and more memory at a reasonable price will likely be satisfied.

JemalA nice Machine

Thumbs Up

First, fill up the 16 mb to make sure you don't have a memory problem right away (I had one on my first unit). Secondly, this is a great machine. Its fast and has lots of space. I always thought that the beauty of the PDA was that it was small, the programs were small, and it was light weight. I never thought that I would need 96 megs of space. As with all things, I am sure this will change as application developers decide to add more code (a la windows), but for now, 16 megs just feels right. Good job handspring.

jamiro2ki like it!

Thumbs Up

i like the visor pro, i think its worth having. but i would probably buy it ASAP if its colored.

VoxDeiWhat's not to love?

Thumbs Up

After 21 months of loving my Visor Deluxe, the Pro got me to upgrade. The speed is amazing, the space is cavernous, the look is pure class. Some day I'll get a color unit, but my new Pro arrived today (24 hours after ordering) and is just great! Now I've got the best greyscale PDA on the market and can continue using the host of Springboards to which I've become accustomed. Thank you HandSpring!

Big TomGood start but I want more.

Thumbs Up

I think this model is a good step in the right direction for us power users. I wish HS would be a little more innovative like they were when they started. I agree with freegoo and John Cholewa that the HandEra 330 has my attention right now, but Iíll keep my Visor Deluxe with 64MB CF for a while longer until HandEra makes a color screen (sorry Chewer, my mid 40ís eyes need the brighter screen and contrast) with 16MB RAM or more, USB sync, Palm OS 4.x and aluminum case. OK HS that what I want. Show me the model.

cinphilpcfits the bill perfectly

Thumbs Up

This is what the visor platinum should have been. Functionality of the Edge, 16mb, rechargeable. This is one that if bought you wouldn't need to replace it anytime soon. It's everything everyone wanted the platinum to be,now we have it...quit complaining.

lennonheadGood update, not meant to be "new" product.

Thumbs Up

I think the Visor Pro is a worthy update to the Plat. It isn't a new Visor and wasn't meant to be one, just be patient.

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Product Details
Name: Visor Pro
Company: Handspring
Palm OS: 3.5.2H3
Processor: 33 MHz Dragonball VZ
Memory: 16 MB
Colors: Silver
Size: 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"
Weight: 5.7 oz.
Price: $299.00

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