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User Opinions: OmniRemote

shuakhweLove the Macros feature.

Thumbs Up

I have 5 components which require remote control and the OmniRemote works all of them. Try and find a universal remote anywhere that will control a CD burner/player, DVD player, TV, Receiver, and VCR - every single function included. This thing is great, and what's super special is the ability to program macros. I set up an individual screen which has channel and volume controls, and pre-selected tv stations. If I want to wathc the Seattle Mariners, I just click the button named M's, and assuming they're playing there they are. Great stuff. I also programmed the unit to turn on/off all components with one click. Wahoo!

Terry SelbaMarginally successful, overall not useful

Thumbs Down

The devices that I could train the Omniremote to control worked the first time every time, but the devices I could not control with it refused all attempts. Unfortunately, the two devices I could not get the OmniRemote to talk to were my cable box and my DVD player. Which for me, means that this product came close, but no cigar. A shame I plunked down the cost of a Springboard module in order to find this out.

VewIt still is a cool product, but...

Thumbs Up

to answer your question, i have already asked them that, and it is no, you cant use the module to beam applications

Trekie800Is there a way to Beam Applications with it?

Thumbs Down

I was seriously considering getting this module. I tried my friends OmniRemote with my visor prisim, and was wondering, if there was a way to use it for high powered beaming of applications?

WuKungWonderful Product

Thumbs Up

It took a long time to train it for all my remotes, but once it was done, it works great. I did have problems with Panasonic remotes which seem to do repeats a little funny. Plus the All Off on my Sony remote doesn't work since it sends signals to multiple devices in sequence and it is to long for Omniremote to learn. I have started creating macros to take me to my favorite channels with one click.

shadiBad quality

Thumbs Down

I purchased the remote module in Nov. 2000. I had problems using it as it kept crashing my visor. I emailed pacific neotek helpline.. got no reply. Emailed them again.. no reply. I feel cheated because I can hardly use it.. only when my battery is full does it work. Pacific Neotek suck!!!

AnonymousAwesome Module

Thumbs Up

I had downloaded the demo software version, and was not sure I liked it. The software only would not work with my General Instruments digital cable box. I went ahead and ordered the module and WOW!! It is impressive. It runs everything is is VERY easy to use. Now I can finally hide all 6 remotes it took the place of!

NavXOExcellent Product/Support

Thumbs Up

I thoroughlt enjoy this springboard! I received a defective casing on my original OmniRemote, wrote to the company and they sent me a new and improved model(ice and internal IR emitter!). Thank you, Pacific Neo-Tek!

NavXOVery Versatile and Great Range

Thumbs Up

Love this Module! I've programed every IR remote in my house (including lighting and fan units). Well worth the price. Only downside-customer support was not very good.

AnonymousNice Toy

Thumbs Up

The omni-remote is my first springboard, and I love it! It works fine, one just need to get practice with the training settings. First I thought I could not program my VCR, but after changing some of the training preferences, everything works well! One might argue it is too expensive, but it is definitly a cool gadget. PS: Anyone selling a used 2MB visor? ;-)

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User Opinions

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Product Details
Name: OmniRemote
Company: Pacific Neo-Tek
Size: 4 1/8" x 2 5/16" x 5/16"
Weight: 0.6 oz.
Memory: 1K on Visor when inserted
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Price: $59.95

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