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User Opinions: Pocket Express Entertainment Pack

BobbyHIt's worth the price - and the module

Thumbs Up

I think that these games are worth having on the Springboard. The best thing about software on Springboard is it's easy to use - you just pop in the module and you're ready to go. No worrying about memory requirements, no worrying about files, etc. It's all there in one unit. So I think this is a great module, and compared to some of the other springboards out there, it's a good price, too. As to the actual games, Tetris is phenomenal, and if you ever loved Lode Runner before, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how well it does on Palm OS (and the level-creator is a great bonus).

MaddoggLOVE this module!!

Thumbs Up

The games on this Springboard are great. I was skeptical about playing LodeRunner on such a small screen and Tetris on my black and white Visor, but after three hours of non-stop playing on a recent Sunday afternoon... well, I obviously didn't have a problem. I'm always running out of space on my Visor, so having this on the module is the ONLY way I could ever do it. I highly recommend it to everyone!

lm243Addicted to Tetris

Thumbs Up

Tetris has made flying a breeze. I have my Visor with me all the time so its a perfect distraction to kill a little time without having to load all the games into my memory. I even got a chance to bone up on Blackjack during my flight to Vegas.

Chazzz FishburnI have to agree...

Thumbs Down

... a springboard is overkill for this package. Definitely not something I'd buy.

AnonymousBetter to install yourself.

Thumbs Down

Why carry around another Springboard module just for this?

Ben SteevesNot worth the money or the bother.

Thumbs Down

I just don't understand this springboard. If I wanted the 8 games which are on it (which, as the review says, are available for a total of $29), I'd just slap 'em on an 8MB Springboard module and be done with it. True, the 8MB Springboard is substantially more expensive, but it's 8MB, not 300KB.

ricojrossi7.2 Ram used - need the space

Thumbs Up

Sure some of the games are average at best. But with all the applications I have loaded on my Prism extra space is like gold. If you are so concerned about playing games buy a Game Boy. If you are like me and need something to kill short periods of time it just right.

way northGive Me Something Cool

Thumbs Down

I love Tetris and bought it from Pocket Express. I also have a lot of other games that are all FREE that I have loaded on a memory module. Why put out a $40 module with only 300k of memory? They could have really done a lot more with this.

DevMindsGood Game Pack

Thumbs Up

It's something to keep you busy while traveling on the train when your not reading your avantgo websites..

ArtBuy ChessGenius if you are serious about chess

Thumbs Down

Pocket Chess is ok if you are a casual player but if you are serious about your chess then you MUST get Chess Genius ( This program rocks! It has won several computer chess competitions. It's unbelievably strong!

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Product Details
Name: Pocket Express Entertainment Pack
Company: Pocket Express

Price: $39.99

Buy Pocket Express Entertainment Pack at

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