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Sunday August 26, 2001 - 3:44 PM EST - By Michael Ducker


Even though you most likely have never heard of Arkon Networks, you probably have heard of the brands that they OEM for: Sharp, Pacific Bell, Vtech, and many others have sold phones which were originally made by Arkon Networks.

They have some good manual writers, because out of the multitude of PDA related items that I have bought or received, the Parafone was the best documented. In the 46 page printed manual you will find step by step instructions on how to do everything from setting up speed dial to 3 way calling. Of course, every step has complete screenshots to go along with it. Right on page 2, they have a picture of everything that's in the box - The Parafone Springboard module, the Base station, that also acts like a USB cradle, the AC adaptor (for base station), the headset, and a telephone cord. Also included is the removable NiMH battery that powers the phone. This battery should last for three and a half days of Standby, and up to three hours talk time. I found that I got about the exact same results when I tested battery claims.

The Parafone is a rather large module - It sticks out the back of the visor by 3/8 of an inch, and adds almost one and a half inches to the visors height. Nevertheless, the extra height makes it so that when holding the Visor to your face, the speaker is at your ear, and the visors' built-in mike is near your mouth.

The Parafone base station is designed to be used both as Visor cradle and charging station for the Parafone, however neither the Edge nor the Prism can use the base as a cradle for synchronization. All other existing Visor models can sync using the base.

The Parafone module can still be recharged on the base cradle while attached to the Prism, but must be detached from the Edge before recharging is possible. The drawback is that the Parafone isn't in the Visor, so no incoming calls can be answered without first inserting the module back into the Visor.

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Product Details
Name: Parafone
Company: Arkon Network
Frequency: 902-928 MHz ISM band
Dimensions: Handset module 94mm×8mm×29mm approx., Base 164mm×130mm×106mm approx.
Operating range: 300 feet (indoor), 1000 feet (outdoor)
Talk time: 3 hours talk / 3.5 days standby time
Price: $119.00

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