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Wednesday April 26, 2000 - 9:20 AM EST - By James Hromadka

IntelliGolf moduleThere are many things that I would do if I had more time. One of the things that I would love to do most would be to play golf more. Another thing I'd like to do is chart my progress so I can see how I'm improving. When the day comes that I can take the time to learn how to use my irons effectively, I'll chart my progress using IntelliGolf by Karrier Communications.

Course selectionIntelliGolf has so many features that I can't hope to cover all of them in a single review. IntelliGolf for the Visor is essentially the Birdie Edition, which will enable you to:

  • Capture round statistics
  • Automate golf scoring
  • Wager with your buddies using any of the included sidegames
  • Upload golf round data using PalmOS-to-Windows conduit software
  • Track historical round performance, analyze game trends and print scorecards with Windows 95/98/NT-compatible desktop software
  • Calculate your IntelliGolf Handicap
  • Upload/download golf course essentials (e.g. hole yardage, hole par and handicap information) from IntelliGolf's worldwide Internet server.
Physical Specifications

IntelliGolf is a standard size module, just like the Backup Module. The IntelliGolf module fits flush with the Visor, so users will have no problems with any carrying case. The hard cover that comes with the Visor fits quite nicely over the module when on the back of the Visor. The module uses a label with a golf course photo on it which really stands out in a good way, unlike the yellow labels of the Handspring modules.

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Product Details
Name: IntelliGolf
Company: Karrier Communications
Size: 2.05" x 2.125" x 0.33" (Standard)
Weight: 0.2 oz.
Memory: 3K+ on Visor when inserted
Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
Price: $39.95

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