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Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder
Monday January 22, 2001 - 10:25 AM EST - By Tom Balkos

Recording, Playback, and Editing

screen05.gif (2542 bytes)To record a new entry, simply press the 'New' button on the main screen. A problem I had was the size of this button. For this module to be useful, while in your Visor, they need to increase the size of the 'New' button so that a finger can be used to start a quick recording (without hitting any of the other buttons). Once recording has begun, the 'Recording..' screen appears. During recording, your Visor's Auto-Off function is suspended.

From this screen, recording can be paused or stopped. I'm not sure why the bookmark, play control, and editing buttons are on this screen as they didn't work during the recording process.

The playback features on the Total Recall exceeded all my expectations. The editing capabilities are a great way to customize and enhance recordings, and make this module that much better to use.

screen04.gif (2767 bytes)The playback screen has all the usual recording navigation buttons (Pause, FF, skip, etc.) plus some extras.

  • Bookmarks - The ability to add bookmarks to recordings so that you can skip through your recordings faster in the future.
  • Scissors - Allows you to selectively 'cut-out' sections of a recording. Very convenient!
  • Insert - Need to record a message within a message? During playback, tap 'Insert' and start talking.
  • Append - Forgot to record a few things the first time around? Tap 'Append' and anything you record is automatically added to the end of the current recording.
  • Overwrite - A good use for this feature is for minor corrections to recordings without having to re-record the entire thing.

The final 'neat' feature was the volume control. Another feature that I wasn't expecting, but glad was included.

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Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder
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Product Details
Name: Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder
Company: Targus
Weight: 4 ounces
2.5 inches
2.13 inches
0.5 inches
Price: $99.99

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